Fruits of our labor

We are picking blueberries everyday here at Six Little Acres.

The thing is, we really haven’t labored much, but because they are kinda small, we may have to do a bit more before the next season. Here’s the pick from this week. Most are frozen, we just wash and add to the bag!

We are watching the figs DAILY. This bush is loaded, y’all. It’s going to be a haul if we get them before the wildlife does! See what I mean? LOADED.

Just to give you an idea of how tall this bush is, Ninja Man is just over 5’10”. I drew a line at the tip top- the place we may never be able to pluck figs from! (By the way, his shirt says “I love IT WHEN my wife DOESN’T KNOW I BOUGHT A NEW GUN” LOL!

Besides blueberries and figs, we are excited to see grapes on the little vine our daughter planted in 2016. It will be our first grape harvest, and we really don’t know what to expect, but so far, so good.

The scuppernongs and muscadines are slowly bearing fruit, but nothing very exciting just yet.

It looks like we are in for a SWEET summer!

Oh my goodness- this pretty girl just showed up as I’m blogging from the front porch! She just stood and stared at me, just as curious about me as I was of her. Just another reason I love it here.

Thanks for stopping by, and God bless.

Fruits and veggies at Six Little Acres

It’s June 11, 2020, and things are wonderfully slow and quiet here at Six Little Acres.

We have planted flowers and a few veggies, plus there are thriving figs, blueberries, muscadines and scuppernongs we hope to harvest soon.

Enjoy the pictures, I’ll try to caption correctly!

Future figs
Muscadines or scuppernongs – we have both!
Some sort of pear- please comment if you know
A neat way to plant squash! We planted in containers, and this water bottle was perfect!
Squash and a watermelon vine.
Tomatoes and yep, more squash! This is at the fire pit.

I hope you enjoyed this little update. Thanks for stopping by, and God bless.

Quarantined at Six Little Acres

There comes a thunder! Or just a big wind, either way, it’s awesome to just be here with the pre-storm breeze. It’s the kind of wind that carries just enough sprinkles to make the dogs run to the porch, but the hummingbirds continue to flit around the feeders.

And so it goes with sheltering in place at Six Little Acres. We are senior citizens now, so we are extra careful with staying safe. Grocery delivery is the norm now, as is staying home as much as possible. The result is lots of time spent lounging so we have started walking the property every single day just to try and stay active.

The walking is especially helpful now because I had some pretty serious surgery in March. It was the 16th to be exact, just as the door was closing on the world as we know it. I was given the option to postpone, but I was the first patient of the day so it was safe enough for me. In the weeks and months that followed, I made the decision to come out of this better than I went in.

“Better” means losing weight, which is lots of fun when there’s nothing to do. But I’m diligent and determined. In order to get back to normal, I’m working with my physical therapy and walking the property each day. Both help with my recovery.

So today after my walk, I sat in my little garden and enjoyed the breeze. There’s a new corn cob on the squirrel picnic table, something I know will entertain us as soon as the rain subsides. More on that squirrel table in my next post.

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God bless,

Kathy Bo

It’s 2020 and work aplenty!

Ninja Man has been busy in the back of Six Little Acres. There are the muscadine and scuppernong vines that were overtaken by random vines and overgrown weeds.

What looked like two HUGE mounds of viney-weedy-snakey growth is now on its way to being an arbor once again.

These are very mature vines and they produce buckets of fruit each year. We are blessed to have them here at Six Little Acres, but only this year has Ninja Man been able to put clearing them out on his priority list. He is reclaiming our grapes from an invasion of the wilds!

Can y’all believe these before” pictures? #trueStory.

Here he is, chopping away: He still has a bit to go, but three cheers, y’all!! Once that with is finished, we will be constructing new supports to function as the arbor.

Meanwhile, we did a walk about this morning, and I am so thankful God blessed us with THIS place in THIS town! I just wanna hug it all! So our walk revealed a sweet little jonquil waiting to be discovered! He’s like, “Hey! I’m here!”

I’m smitten with his beautiful yellow self!

He happens to be blooming near the fig tree! Yeah, I know it’s supposed to be a “bush”, but y’all: Not kidding, it’s about 10 feet tall! Here is a happy little fig bud!So Ninja Man has been cleaning it out as well. Ninja is a happy camper because he keeps fueling his precious fire pit with all the limbs, vines and brush he is pulling out of the grapes and figs!

I love it when he gets out and makes our sweet little homeland even more awesome than it already is.

That’s it for today, please continue praying for our sweet Wren. She’s doing well and is stable! God is SO good, y’all.

Kathy Bo

Outside, and it’s nice and chilly!

Since fall arrived, we have taken to walking around Six Little Acres. It’s just such a pleasant place to be, this respite from the many, many hours we worked before retirement.

Here are some snippets of life here today.

Two thirds of our pups: (Our oldest Boston Terrier can’t play anymore)and I promise, they are BEST friends, they just love to play hard with one another. Just moments before I began recording, they were running laps around Ninja Man and me. Miele (Mee-luh) is the Boston / Sneaky Neighbor Dog mix. Winston is the Boston.

And this:

This is the grandLittle’s “Climbing Tree”, and in the summer and spring its branches are full of giggles.

Then this:

Ninja Man had to repair some fencing. It’s the fence surrounding the dog’s yard. They are 100% indoor family members, but have their very own door when they need to go.

He didn’t waste a minute figuring out how to stretch that wire.

Quick repair, all done!

After our walk about, we settled into the little garden in front of the house and discussed whether or not we should cancel our $50 a month YouTube TV. We have this conversation about every six weeks or so.

We shall see.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!

Kathy Bo

It’s Fall, Y’all

We are enjoying retirement at Six Little Acres! This morning we sipped from our coffee cups while the wind chimes played with the breeze.

I really wish I could find an AFFORDABLE set of those old wind chimes we had back in the ’70s. The sounds they made were just perfect for a day like today! Do y’all remember them?

By the way, Wren’s latest MRI was “stable”, which means no growth in the tumor. Her MIBG is next week. Please pray for benign.

Thanks for stopping by, and God bless.

Kathy Bo

Master Bath at Six Little Acres

Our home is small but we have a nice master bath. It’s on the same layout as the previous one, but we rebuilt everything, from the walls to the floor and ceiling. We also added a big vanity, put in a soaker tub and a huge shower.

The decor went like this:

During my grandLittle’s chemo, I was in quite a state- driving from Savannah to Atlanta, staying in hotels, Ronald McDonald House and my daughter’s guest room. There were many times I’d wake up and not know where I was.

We rented out our house in Savannah and moved into the RV, about an hour closer to Atlanta. This was our launching pad for a solid year, all of our things in storage, him driving to Savannah to work every day, me driving to Atlanta for a week at a time.

Well, retail therapy was one way I was able to cope. I was frugal enough to wait for sales, use coupons and check out the clearance items as I began to gather things for my someday home.

There were times I could just go to a store and be lost among other shoppers. I liked that and it was somewhat cathartic.

So that’s how the bathroom decor (as well as most of the other decor in the house) came to be. I’ll tell y’all, I’m not a fan of the wall color. We were given a huge quantity of paint and it is all the same color. I’ll change it at some time but it’s not a priority just yet.

And here’s the master bath:

The sinks: IKEA

The vanity: an old painted dresser I found in an antiques store. It was just perfect.

Decor: TJ Max, Hobby Lobby and Michaels. I’m planning to do something pretty fabulous to the tub area. That will be a blog feature later on.

Thanks for stopping by, and God bless.

Kathy Bo

The Six Little Acres EBR

This is how we created a huge transitional space that is in constant use. Let me warn y’all, it’s different!

We are retired and our kids are grown. Our most recent home in Savannah Georgia has three bedrooms, and we are currently renting it out until we sell it.

We moved to West Georgia, and renovated this place at Six Little Acres. One thing we knew was that we did NOT want the traditional “spare bedrooms”. We decided to make the two bedrooms on one end of the former doublewide into my crafting studio, which turned out absolutely perfect! In time, I will blog with pix or a video on the studio, but for now we will check out the EBR.

The EBR is a 44′ long by 14′ wide addition. It has a space for guests (we can sleep four) and a multipurpose space. When I say “multipurpose”, I’m not kidding! Everything in the room can be moved to make new space. The sky is the limit! Well, actually, the ceiling and walls are the limit, but you know.

The guests have privacy, as far as the rest of the house goes. They use the full bath in the studio, have complete access to the kitchen and porches, can bring their pups, and otherwise are comfy cozy. Note the doggie door on the bedroom side- it leads out to an area as big as any pup could ever want. So far, all visiting pups have fit through it just fine.

“But what about their “own” room?” You may ask. Well, it’s like this: the house in Savannah as well as most of the homes we’ve owned have at least three bedrooms. We were just keeping those rooms in the event someone may come to visit. It just didn’t make good financial sense to us. Unless you live in a huge house, rooms are at a prime and we want to utilize every inch.

Besides, since our kids grew up and moved away, we simply didn’t need two extra rooms to heat and cool, or to pay taxes and insurance on. While I kept one room for guests at our Savannah home, I used the other one every single day for a small crafting studio.

So we designed this home to have one bedroom, the master, and the multipurpose room where we do the following:

Accommodate weekend guests

Accommodate weeklong grandLittles

Host Bible Studies (see the tables along one side)

Host card making classes (I’m a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator) shameless plug:

Host spaghetti / taco / hotdogs and burgers dinners for as many as 20!

Take naps

Sewing, lots of sewing!

Set up a projector and a movie screen for the kids, mattress on floor so they can all stretch out, and popcorn and snacks during the movie


Exercise (There’s a Wii Fit)

And lots more than I can recall right now!

So you’re probably wondering why we call it the EBR, right? Well, we moved due to our grandLittle Wren’s need for us to help out. She was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at 16 months old. She will be FIVE in two weeks, y’all! Anyway, we had some tremendous emotional baggage as a result of her catastrophic illness along with our subsequent move and unprecedented difficult journey trying to get settled.

So we named it the Emotional Baggage Room, aka: the EBR. And we have seen more emotional baggage than our fair share!

So here’s it is, folks. I don’t have a “before” and “after” because we created it. It’s just right for us, and we hope our guests enjoy it too, regardless of their baggage!

There will be curtains eventually, but it’s not a priority yet. We have considered a room divider but we aren’t sure if we want one or not.

Those quilts on the wall cover shelves that hold fabric for our sewing projects. Yes, I said “our”. Ninja Man actually made the quilt you see hanging, the one with dark blue lines. It’s all machine embroidered too!

Well, that’s the story of the EBR, the room that makes some wonder but makes perfect sense to us!

Thanks for stopping by, and God bless!

Kathy Bo

The Dogs of Six Little Acres

While every day is officially Dog Day here at Six Little Acres, apparently it’s “National” Dog Day on Facebook.

I thought I’d share some awesome pix of our babies with you. As most of you know, we are retired. Now we share our home and lives with three sweet pups; two Boston Terriers and one Boston / Sneaky-neighbor-dog mix (it’s a rare breed, y’all).

So in honor of National Dog Day, here are the babies:

This was me with the Boston mix and our oldest Boston. Pic taken before our grandLittle Wren was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. I’ve aged 20 years since 2016.


Thanks for stopping by, and God bless.
Kathy Bo

Home grown preserves with Stevia

While I was at Bible study this morning, Ninja Man went to the Muscadine and scuppernong bushes to see if he could go about making some preserves.


He collected enough to make a sweet little batch of Heaven.


Considering the fact that I’m type 2 diabetic and he and I are rather fluffy, he made them with Stevia. There is still sugar in the fruit and of course carbs in the croissant, so not to say we aren’t tempted, but nobody’s going crazy over here!

But y’all. It is SOOO good! I can’t wait to have some more.

We used this recipe from pallensmith. Ninja Man tweaked it for the Stevia.

I’m a fan! And it’s so wonderful to have something to harvest here. We are talking about a garden next year, so hopefully there will be lots more to come!

(By the way, it’s still warm in the pix.)

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!

Kathy Bo