Knock knock!

We have a door!

Well, actually two! I found the perfect door to slide between my studio and the small bathroom, and just down the road I found the second one, perfect for the living room wall that leads to my studio. BOTH were ridiculous bargains!

I’m now deciding what I should paint them with, or if I should paint or finish them at all. 

I know y’all wanna see them so….

The first one will be inside my crafting and sewing studio. It will slide open to a guest bath. Of course our guests will be welcome to use it, they just need to go through my studio. 

Works for us! 

I do plan to put a piece of frosted plastic “glass” in that big window. Real glass may not be practical when sliding the door from left to right. The frosted plastic glass will offer some privacy, but I will enjoy it tremendously as diffused light coming from a night light in the bathroom while I’m working in my studio. 

Lighting is a big part of the plan, by the way. I’m researching “all the things” so I can get the studio wired this week. It’s quite the task, having only had overhead lights before. 

SUGGESTION BOX IS OPEN! Please share any lighting knowledge you have in the comments below! Note: I have implants in my eyes due to early onset of cataracts back in my 40’s. Money spent on good lighting is a must. 

But back to the doors! Ok, so this is the front and will face my studio. 

All the hands that ever turned that door knob. I wish this door could tell me the stories! This is the back and will face the bathroom when closed, the wall when slid open. We are using sliding doors every where possible. And that little bell thing! Ninja Man is pretty sure he can fix it. That would be so stinkin’ cool! 

I brought it home in my car. And to the left is a cute table I had to have in order to live a normal life. (You can see it better in the first picture just behind the door). Y’all. It was barely $20. A great find! Now for the next door!

This big guy will also be a sliding door, placed in the living room, leading to the studio. 

This is the other side of it and will probably be the side that goes against the wall. The doorknobs will have to be removed on the back sides in order for the panels to slide back and forth (see my earlier post about the barn doors). By the way, those boxes falling out of my car are from a sweet friend – a great solution toward packing up my studio and sewing room! So, dear readers, I’m gonna ask you to weigh in on something….
What color shall I paint them? 

Should I leave them as is? 

I’m going with a coastal French nautical theme in the living room so driftwood may be nice. 

I almost wonder if I need to live with them a while before deciding! Either way, please comment below if you have paint / finish and or lighting ideas! 

Thank you for visiting! 

God bless!

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me.” Revelation 3:20

Kathy Bo 


A vacation to remember 

If you’re keeping up with my blog posts, you already know we have had car trouble, we have fallen (Ninja and I are tied at three falls each, our elderly Boston Terrier is at two falls- both through the floor of the house we are renovating.) And we had a day of, “Maybe we should haul this thing off.” 

Man. THAT was a difficult concept. 

That is, until we did the math. 
It made good financial sense to go full steam ahead on the house, despite the fact that we are at 100% of the floors being ripped out and about 30% of studs being taken out. 

Why all the ripping? Well, these guys: 

Termites. Long since dead, BUT the damage! It is awful! And of course, being a “free” home (we paid for the land) we can’t complain that there was no termite letter! 

We have decided they are undoubtedly devil spawn. No really. They are. Trust me on this. Better yet, get your house checked. Now. 

We really wish we could talk to the daughter of the elderly man who lived there and let her know the conditions he was living in. I just keep thinking he needs a full check up.


But that’s none of our beeswax – so anyway, the floors are out. And I mean OUT. 

The walls are out. Yep. GONE. 

And we have entertained the county inspector as well as an engineer. 

Oh, and the fireplace that we paid to have inspected had never been used. Seriously. 

Now one would think that’s a great thing, right? It’s not. The fireplace insert was the cheapest made back in 1986. It had to go. 

Remember the guy that was going to help us with the floors? Well, God works in AMAZING ways because this young man really seems to know his stuff. He and the engineer were exactly on track and it made for a quick solution in going forward.  

What we have now is this:

1) A crew of knowledgeable people working five (and sometimes six) days a week, rebuilding our little house. 

2) Ninja man and me having the confidence that things are being done well, especially with the engineer is overseeing the work. 

3) Though the costs have gone up considerably, we are still going to have a great home ( now custom) for less than it would cost to build new or buy a new modular home. 

We made the decision to add an awesome back porch. THAT will get its very own blog post. It’s Ninja Man’s dream porch. He deserves it. 

We are at the beginning of many changes. 

Changes as we watch Six Little Acres become home. 

Changes as we move from the expensive HOA home and into our RV- the original plan- as we wait for Ninja to retire. We want to be out of the home so it can be shown frequently. It’s pretty much the best solution if we want to sell it, which we DO. 

I keep feeling like God is leading us towards an October sale. I don’t know. But we began packing yesterday and in Biblical terms, we are preparing our fields for rain. 

God bless and thank you for stopping by! 

Kathy Bo

Shut the Front Door

My last post reflected a bit of a desperate meltdown. I’m happy to say, despite the critics and naysayers, we stepped back, compared our challenges to our abilities and realized what we needed was help.

We found a contractor who, at this writing, seems to be awesome. Let’s hope all goes as planned. Ninja Man and I are pretty confident that it’s working out well with him. No pre-pay, we pay him on Saturday for his work during the week. We buy the materials. It’s a good plan. 

Meanwhile, this is costing more than we anticipated. The trade off is that we have help! The crew comes in and knocks out in one day what took us the better part of a week. 

Our contractor is doing the floors and walls. That is, removing ALL sub flooring and that hideous paneling, PLUS… are y’all ready for this? A few walls. 

Yeah. Walls. 

I’m pretty happy about that. 

This home is a 3 bedroom. Mind if I tell you what I think about that? Well, here’s my theory:

I believe in usable space. That makes our lifestyle a bit quirky, such as: that dining room where the family gathers for Sunday dinner? Well, in our case since it’s just the two of us most of the time, so that Sunday dinner thing really meant Thanksgiving. 

One day when I was particularly frustrated with the annual utilization of the dining room and the possible seven-night per year usage of only one of our two guest rooms, I did the “math”. 

Disclaimer: I’m not a mathematician- but- it just made sense to me to figure it this way:

Add mortgage payment, HOA fee (yeah, THAT thing), monthly utilities and insurance. Divide that by the number of rooms in the house. It’s pretty generalized but gives a halfway decent idea of how much these rooms cost us per month. 

I scratched my head and figured it again. 

Yep. These rooms were costing us a small fortune just to sit there looking pretty in the slight chance someone may come to visit. 

I’ll try to insert some pics later- but cute as these rooms were, we weren’t USING them. What we were doing was PAYING for them to sit void of use throughout the year. 

At first, the dining room was converted into a library, which we rarely used. But once we added some specialty machines, it became my sewing studio. 

Those TWO guest rooms? Yeah. Easy to figure what to do there. I’m a serious crafter and  man, I needed space. Ninja Man’s hobby could fit on a card table, so we found it a no-brainer to turn one of the guest rooms into a crafting studio. His card table hobby is in the garage and he has a great setup that he loves. 

This change meant:

Our rooms are truly in use! 

No wasted space. 

One guest room, because there are some friends and family who do come to see us. 

And freedom! Freedom of doing what everyone expects and freedom to be quirky as well as resourceful. 

So what has this got to do with Six Little Acres? 

This is a three-bedroom-about-to-be-a-one-or-two-bedroom UTILIZED-space home. “One  or two” means we are removing walls and closets (yep! CLOSETS) and making two bedrooms into one. This large space may become our master bedroom, or, as originally planned, my studio. 

I don’t want to spoil all the fun so I’ll leave you with this: 

We are going to install two of these in two separate areas of the house. Which style do you like best?  I’m loving #1, but that could be because I’m pretty sure I can find those doors at Habitat for Humanity. 

Just comment below and I’d love it if you would share my post! Maybe I’ll have a giveaway at some point- right now all I have to share is a lot of faith and sawdust. 

God bless y’all! Thanks for stopping by. 

Kathy Bo 

A very hard day

Ok y’all, I’m just gonna lay this out here. This is my view from the RV. 

I am overwhelmed. 

The work laid out before us just seemed impossible today. I’m wondering HOW can anyone live with the filth this man existed in every single day. And then I feel guilty- I don’t know his story- and while I’m trying to be considerate- today I don’t care to know why, how or what kept him from simply trying. 

I know enough. Today we have peeled back some layers, enough to make us second guess this whole thing. 

No-debt retirement??? If achieving that means we have to live in a slum house then sign me up for the 30 year plan with the house in town. I’d like a pool too, please. 

I’ve cried today. I said a few choice words when I hurt my back – again- and my fingertips are split and covered in bandaids. My hands are in a lot of pain.

Worse- Ninja Man fell really hard and missed a saw blade by “that” much. He skinned his forehead and his shoulder hurt for quite a while. 

He is 62. I am 57 – and a half. 

By afternoon we took some time and sat on the porch, discussing our options. We have a few. 

I made some calls and sent some emails and texts as he and I discussed abandoning this ship or try to hire some deckhands. 

I think it feels good to have “some” power when the odds are so overwhelming, and we felt better once we had voiced our worries about this place. 

And after we talked, you know what we did? 

We went to Home Depot for more supplies. 

I’m not gonna lie. I’m in tears, y’all. I’m exhausted and more than a little concern that we are moving along very slowly. 

I feel a bit defeated today but you know, I expect to be stronger in the morning. We love this place. We love the night sounds, the quiet mornings and every moment in between. 
Stronger tomorrow is the plan. I have to be. There’s a can of Kilz and some paint rollers with my name on it.

Hey- before I sign off, I’m reminded of Philippians 4:13, one of my favorite verses. Today I am emphasizing “can”. “I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  We are praying for God’s strength and His will. 

Meanwhile we will continue on the path we feel we are being led- albeit tears, bandaids and bruises. 

God bless y’all. Thanks for stopping by. 

Kathy Bo and her bandaids box. 

A wing and a prayer

We left the HOA house on Friday morning. 

If you’ve never lived in a neighborhood with an HOA, just know there are a gazillion rules and a staff of perfectionists who love to enforce said rules. 
But we did buy into this back in 2006, before the housing market took a dramatic nosedive – south. 

And we are – shall we say – over it. 

Anyway, there is *NO HOA* at Six Little Acres. In celebration of FREEDOM from the HOA minions, we did this. 

Yep, that’s Baby Beluga. Our beloved 5th wheel. Ninja Man is navigating up the hill so he can set it up for the many days we will be working on our new place. We will be super comfy while taking the place apart! Watch for updates. There will be band aids and probably margaritas. 

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So here’s the thing. Getting Baby Beluga (the 5th wheel RV) all the way to Six Little Acres was a bit of a challenge. 

We left home about 10:30 am. 

It was honestly the EASIEST travel day we’ve ever had. Until….

Don’t cha hate that word? Yeah, me too. There’s almost always something no one wants to hear after “until”, and this was no exception. 

So we were making really good time. Had been on the road only 4 hours and we were nearing the exit that would take us just 45 min to Six Little Acres and our camp for the next 17 days. 

The hill leading up to the exit proved to be too much for Ninja Man’s truck. We prayed. I was in a great mood, despite the situation. Hazard lights flashing, we crawled up that highway at 40mph and made our exit. I pretended to be rowing a boat. I’m sure that helped bunches. 

The closest gas station was just a quick right turn. We coasted in and parked. 

Can I just say this place was nasty and sketchy? Ninja had his equalizer so I wasn’t worried but it was just gross and a bit scary. 

We spent an hour and a half doing this. That monitor thingie was eleventy billion dollars but saved the day. 

Ninja Man speaks the language of gadgets old and new. He read it off to me- something about rails – and I reached for my phone so I could do my part, which is leave him alone and play a few rounds of solitaire. 

He had a spare fuel filter.  Who does that?? Well, of course Ninja Man does. 

The puppies and I sat in the truck and 


Golf balls. 

Yes we did. We had water and a few snacks but holy moley, what we needed was a pool and some beach music. 

Ninja Man, being the ninja that he is, MacGyvered that engine and it, being afraid of such ninja-ness, got us ALL THE WAY to our Six Little Acres. 


I was very happy when we arrived. He was able to navigate our country driveway (gravel with ditches on either side. *see “no HOA” above*) and pulled that beast into the driveway like he has done it a billion times. 

There he goes: If you’re exceptionally perceptive you may notice he stopped just at the power lines. Note I said “at” not “before”. 

I’ll shorten the story, which is filled with drama (me) and some “dang its” (Ninja). Clearly, we were done with this trip. 

Good thing: we made it (ok, daughter came and helped him park while I kept my distance and the GrandLittles) and the RV was set up. 


Yes, it was THAT KIND OF DAY. 

Today is Saturday. Our status:

We are reclined on camping chairs, fan blowing, listening to our pastor’s sermon online. The pups are playing and the only things done at Six Little Acres are some sweeping, weed eating, and – well, yeah. That’s pretty much it. We are tired. 

Tomorrow we will visit daughter’s church and start working on the house in the afternoon. Meanwhile, here’s our little campsite in the back yard. Notice the July 4 decor? THIS is how we are celebrating this year. Freedom isn’t free. God bless our soldiers and their families. 

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God bless. 

Kathy Bo