A sneak peek 

I posted this on the Six Little Acres Facebook page, but just in case you missed it, here’s a before and…. well…. during. Guess I’m too stinkin excited to wait! Let’s just talk about that “before” image. 

It smelled as bad as it looks. No. I’m serious y’all. 

Think stank, then add roadkill. That’s still not quite it but doggone close. ALL the materials from that kitchen have been replaced. 

That “during” photo? Ohhhh. I can’t wait. I have lots of design plans- one of which includes a rolling island! I love to move things around and repurpose whatever I can so I will use the island in the kitchen, living room, studio and that whopping big porch-room-thingy we added. 

We are on our way today to work on Six Little Acres- it’s about a 3.5 hour drive- and here’s what we plan to do: 

Finish flooring in the kitchen (We are ALMOST there!) Move fridge, stove, dishwasher and microwave into their new home, then paint this room: the ceiling is primed and the walls are already cut in, thanks to our FSIL (y’all remember that means favorite son in law?) No? See him here! Flooring will happen here over the next few weekends. 

Psssst: here’s a secret news flash! THE HVAC GUY IS COMING TODAY! What what!?!?! Yes. We expect to push a button and have heat and air. It’s like the Flintstones moved to the Jetsons. 

Sing with me. OH HAPPY DAY! (Here’s your part: Oh happy day!) my turn: WHEN JESUS WALKED (you: When Jesus walked!) Me: OHHHHH WHEN HE WALLLLLLKKED now you sing that too- ok me : HE WASHED OUR SINS AWAY! 

We get to sing this part together: OH HAPPY DAY! 

Thanks for stopping by, thanks for trying to imagine how stinky that kitchen was (because now I know you’re almost as happy as I that it smells tons better) and thanks for singing with me! 

The biggest news today is that our two year old grandLittle Baby Wren starts another 3 rounds of chemo on Monday. I’ll be there. Y’all please pray for her – that the chemo will kill this cancer, irradiate that tumor and not affect any other part of her tiny body. Follow her page on FB at Hope For Wren. There’s a purple icon with a pink bird on it. 

Have a blessed day! 

Kathy Bo

Floored. Part two!

In my earlier post (here) we hauled our vinyl plank flooring to Six Little Acres. 

A few weeks later, we began to install it. 

Let me just say that this flooring is absolutely what we wanted. It is called Copper Ridge Oak (see it here) and probably the easiest thing about this whole renovation. Thanks to Lumber Liquidators, it is an affordable solution and we saved money buying it there. 

Before we could put down the underlayment for the flooring, I had to scrape the subfloor with this doohickey. That’s sheetrock mud splattered EVERYWHERE. Yeah. Those sheetrock guys flung it like crazy. After I scraped all the floors I had to vacuum. I’m really happy we have a shop vac but that filter. Oh dear. I had to babysit that thing like it was alive. The filter would get full and I had to remove it and take it to a concrete block outside. It was there I could get my sheetrock frustrations out- as I had to beat it against that block to get all the dust out. The sheetrock dust was ridiculous (hence the mask) and I was sick for three whole days after this. But vacuuming was on the agenda, so vacuum I would. 

“Don’t forget to vacuum beside the sink” is  something I have never heard anyone say, but Ninja Man had to remind me because the sink was still on the floor. A little more where the stove will go: And then this happened. My hands are all pruny from being in those gloves. This isn’t the first glove I’ve blown out working on Six Little Acres and it won’t be the last. Back to the flooring: the planks are super easy and lock in kinda like a puzzle. Ninja Man watched several YouTube videos and jumped in to this project. We used a table saw and a saws all to cut when needed. Here’s our progress:And THIS happened. Yeah. It did. We were, on occasion, having to stretch out so we might be able to actually walk outta here. 

Our work is limited to long weekends. We travel about 3 1/2 hours every Friday and knock out as much as we can. It’s daunting- but we keep looking at the big picture. 

Here’s today’s progress- I’m standing in my studio looking through the living room and kitchen. (That Boston Terrier is baby Winston)This is where we will have to stop for the weekend and pick back up next Friday. 

Slow but sure. We have faith that we will finish someday!

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!

Kathy Bo. 

Paint pains 

(If images aren’t visible, just click on This link)

I didn’t know how fascinating it would be to stir paint.
Of course, I never stirred it with a super cool drill-paint-stirrer-thingy. Sorry this is not full screen but it’s a low budget film. 
Coffee paint 
It made me want coffee. ​Speaking of paint tools, I tried this and let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. My favorite son in law (FSIL) said to use an angled brush. I decided this was a fine tool for those talented with paint brushes. I am not talented in that way- so much so that my paint brush needed training wheels. Thankfully someone who sympathized with talent levels such as mine invented exactly that: a paint brush with training wheels. Oh happy day! It takes very little to thrill me. 
Ninja Man found a great way to get paint from a new (and very heavy) 5 gallon bucket. I call this the CPR technique, because, well, it is. 
Here’s a PSA: only use this technique at the deep end of the pan. Otherwise, you may have paint in a huge glob that takes about 3 shop towels to remove from the floor. Don’t ask how I know. 
Have you ever had to paint a ceiling? I suggest buying a ceiling that’s already painted. Wait. That means buying a finished house. Yeah. Do THAT.

 THIS is the famous “bucket butt” shot. Yeah, he sat on a bucket and, well, I giggled. A lot. We painted and painted and painted. We got a lot done but there’s always more to do. We just keep going. Or I nap and he keeps going. That Ninja Man is a machine. 
So after we painted it began to get dark. We still don’t have power in the house so quittin’ time comes at sundown. 
This was me. Yeah, I’m covered in paint. Those pants are officially my Six Little Acres work drawers now. Don’t be impressed; I don’t have a dress for every occasion. After we painted we went somewhere and ate something. We were so tired we don’t even remember. The next day we went to the Georgia Aquarium. The tickets were a gift for our family as we are dealing with grandLittle Wren’s neuroblastoma. That’s why we are moving- to be closer to daughter and family. It’s a tough, tough journey FILLED with blessings. God is in charge here. 
Here are some pictures from the aquarium. It was quite an eventful day. Thanks for stopping by. God bless!
Kathy Bo