A productive week!

Here at Six Little Acres, we often cram everything we can into a few hours between arriving from Savannah on Friday and leaving again on Sunday. It’s about a 4 hour drive and we always have our three pups with us. It’s how we roll. 

Well, thankfully we are ****this****close to getting our final approval. 

THIS close, y’all. 

Once we can move in, I’ll be here to help daughter and FSIL (favorite son in law) as we all navigate Baby Wren’s neuroblastoma. Click here for more information. (It’s the first post titled “And it Begins” 

I’m staying in town and coming each day to do stuff like put up wallpaper, mow grass and paint.  My FSIL  is working like crazy, caulking, closing up holes left by the electricians, painting (soooo much better than I – thankfully) and pretty much helping us with everything else we need to do for final. 

And then there’s Ninja Man. 

He did this last week. ​He was like a kid on that thing. I’m pretty sure he had too much fun. 

And then he did this:Yes, that’s a dresser-turned-vanity. Ninja is altering the drawers so they will fit around the plumbing. (Note: he began with styrofoam but it was too messy. His next template was cardboard. Much better!) 

He is now doing this:

While FSIL is doing this: Yesterday I painted the porch ceiling blue. I had FIVE dogs to help (two are grandpups) and my shirt says, “I’m pretty cool but I cry a lot. We have a punch list we are working through but the steps we paid too much to have built are wrong and the county inspector says they have to be redone. Ohhhh nooooo. It’s a big deal and just like the shirt says, I cried. 

Meanwhile, this also happened- it’s not my best angle but that’s life in the house painting world, right? My daughter and the FSIL painted the rest and we’re not done yet. I’ll post soon about the fruits (we call it the gatherings) here at Six Little Acres. It’s pretty awesome! We are looking forward to muscadines and more!

Thanks for stopping by and God bless. 

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Hiding some UGLY

This ugly behemoth is so ugly no one wants it. “No one” includes the gas companies I called. 

I offered to give it away. 

Don’t want the tank? Ok, then take the gas. There’s 800 lbs of it. Yeah. 

Gas companies: we cannot empty it. We cannot take it. 

And then there was a guy who said no and no to emptying and taking- BUT – he would MOVE IT for us. 

Oh happy day. 

Here’s where it was:I suppose as ugly propane tanks go, this one is not much worse than its counterparts, but our home is completely electric now and the only propane will be used for a generator and whatever outdoor fire pit / cooking we do. 

I may or may not have complained about this tank for over a year now. Ninja Man actually had two days off so I made a few calls and got that thing moved to here: (in the woods!) it’s in a remote area that will not obstruct my view of things like birds, grass and… well, birds and grass. 

We were advised by the tank moving man that it will be a hassle to fill when it gets low. 

What tank moving man doesn’t know is that I NEVER intend to fill it again. What I plan to do is get one of my redneck friends a six pack and get him to cut that sucker in half. 

Now THAT would make an awesome fire pit. Y’all think I’m kidding- nope. My fire pit is just a few hundred gallons away. 

What can I say? I’m a cheap date. 

Thanks for stopping by and God bless. 

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Kathy Bo 

A beautiful surprise!

My FSIL (if you are keeping up with my blog, you know that’s an acronym for my Favorite Son In Law) anyway my FSIL surprised us BIG TIME while we were on vacation. 

Not only did he mow the yard but y’all: 


IT’S PAINTED!! I am verklempt. Honestly I’ve been sitting in the car for 1/2 an hour just looking at this beautiful thing. 

Yes, it’s just a mobile home turned house, and it’s not a mansion, but it’s custom and it’s so very functional for us and the BEST part is is that we LOVE this place as well as our hometown! Yep, Newnan is where we began (for the most part) and after living in Savannah for nearly 20 years, it’s seriously time to come home. 

Here’s what the sad little house looked like when we were here last- and here it is all SPIFFY and beautiful! Can y’all believe it? Man. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. My FSIL is amazing. This beats a dozen roses. It is better than a vacation. It means the world to us. 

We will get the rest of it done as we go. And we are trying to get me moved in THIS MONTH. We’ll see how that goes. 

Meanwhile, there are still things to do – mostly all in our hands now. We can only come on weekends so it may be slow. 

Please keep us in your prayers. We have baby Wren chemo next week. Since Feb 2016, this is round 13 week 3 of 3. Pray that this will be the end of chemo. 

Thank you for visiting, and may God bless you in every way! 

Kathy Bo

PS: baby nap. She’s so adorable. ❤️🙏🏻❤️