Permit me to burn this

So we passed inspection a few weeks ago (see previous post) but we had so much going on we didn't have time to celebrate.

Oh, we've talked about it. We've planned and planned.

Extensive planning.

All that planning ended up with this:

We planned to have a fire. In a pit.

And that's not all. We planned to burn the renovation permit that was stuck on our door for over a stinkin year.

A year, people.

This is more than a classic cardboard mini-poster thing with black marker and … wait for it… blue painter's tape. This, THIS thing meant we were not allowed to live here until we fulfilled the county requirements. And now we have.

And like the song says, tonight's the night. Oh yeah. It is.

And Ninja Man, creative as he is, added all kinds of memorabilia to the blaze. There were pieces of old siding, a 2X6 from the EBR (our 14 X 44 "porch" aka the "Emotional Baggage Room"), some window trim and assorted bits and pieces from all over the former house.

Through the magic of the interwebs, y'all can celebrate with us!

Here I am directing the process because I'm a control freak:
and here is Ninja Man being all brave with this fire. It's his fire, after all. He's SO ready to toss that thing in. Me too, but I was feeling a bit warmish. It's July. In Georgia. So there we go. It's a done deal. We are living here and and we've had the ceremonial roasting of the permit.

Life is good here at Six Little Acres. We are blessed. Now for getting our stuff here and start decorating and nesting.

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God bless.
Kathy Bo


2 thoughts on “Permit me to burn this

  1. Kathy and Ninja Man….I have followed your story for most of this and I found your blog accidentally thru a remodeling of manufactured homes or something to that effect. I love watching how ALL thing go along with God in your hearts…He planned this for you all along. I pray for your precious granddaughter and her fight with the big ‘C’. I am coming on 3yrs after my bout with it but its always so much harder when you see children that are just starting their lives and have to start out this way. I have lived a GREAT 66 going on 67 yrs so if I croaked at least I had that to be thankful for 😉
    By way of default I have found myself in a situation where I am also in the trenches with an 88′ manufactured hone on 80 acres. Its a long story but I am on my own now and have all the freedom to do what ‘I’ want with this place…I had 2 partners in a business and neither could manage running a business for many different reasons. Anyway I ended up with this place. The final contract to settle this mess is in the works.
    I just love what you have done to your place from start to almost done. I fortunately am capable of doing most of the work myself so I have always taken on a remodeling job when buying property. Since I have always had livestock I am most concerned with what the Having property has for those accommodations i.e. out building, pens etc….
    Having 2 people part owner other than yourself means they all have different ideas of decor etc. I like simple uncluttered easy and functional. I spend so much time out of the house that I want a house that is very easy to take care of and clean. I will not be debt free for awhile but that is what I will be working on. It was a big decision to decided to stay in this are because it is fairly remote for most people. If you need out in an emergency your best hope is Life Flight. This life is not for everyone so that why not many people live out here just big ranches and a few scattered smaller pieces like mine that are places that just give you room for enough animals for supplemental income. I raise market lambs…you know ALL additives of any kind. I do well and will be increasing my stock to about 20-25 producing ewes as that will be the max I can handle by myself. I feel that I was meant to be here after much thought. My son wanted me to move in closer to a sizable town but I don’t like closed quarters of any kind. Out here I can go out the back gate and make to the border of Mexico on horseback without to many others in the path…I live in Idaho in Owyhee County in Oreana…lots and lots of old history here and this is still a part of what was known (and still is to old timers) as the ION Country. A big mostly uninhabited part of Idaho, Oregon and Nevada…..its not easy to live in a place like this for most people as there is no corner store, no movie houses, no bars, no gas stations, no Dr.s…you get the picture. Your entertainment is what YOU make and an occasional old Grange Hall function about 2x a year.
    I have an older FB page called Wild Country LLC….the sheep are mine on there and the goats are no more. I need to redo it and get my own info only up there…the place is the same. I will be going on under Picket Creek Sheep Co. in the future. I also have a personal FB page under Terry Jensen.
    I hope to hear from you guys as you continue your adventure….I will probably start recording mine as I go some way.

    Best Ever
    Terry Jensen


    1. Terry, I LOVE your story! I will check out your FB pages. Thank you for your prayers, God is so very present in every step we take.

      Thank you so much for sharing your story. I hope we can connect via FB so I can enjoy your progress as well! God bless, Kathy Bo.


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