Something new for Six Little Acres

We don’t have a fireplace.

Well, we do, but not one that Santa will utilize to bring us “all the things”.

We COULD have put one in, oh yes we could have – at a cost far superior to our budget. So we said nope, no way, nada.

BUT looky what we found! I am downright wiggly!! It’s electric! Feel free to celebrate with me by doing your very own version of the Electric Slide. Y’all know I’m doing it. I love this so much more than an expensively financed fireplace. Those barn doors (y’all know I heart the barn door thing) slide closed to cover the “fireplace” and there’s – you guessed it- storage for DVDs.

Want a link? Here ya go– and no, I don’t get squat for sending y’all shopping!

By the way, does anyone really buy DVDs anymore? Not a real question. I know we all have to pick up a favorite now and then, but for the exception of the must-have series, never full price here at Six Little Acres. We are retired and I wanna go back to Maine and see Bah-Habuh again, so no new DVDs for me. At this rate I’ll get there about 72 years from now.

Anyway, here’s me building this so-pretty piece o’ furniture. (Disclaimer: total lie. I just took pictures of Ninja Man while he built it. Pretty sure I was knitting at the time.)

But wait. This was how it looked while waiting on some screws that weren’t in the package. Yeah, we ain’t proud- we used it like this for a week. (Pillow pile designers: the grandLittles.)ok, here goes Ninja Man: this guy can do anything.

So that’s the latest at SLA. Well, not really- I have some awesome kitchen stuff to share next! Ninja Man has been busy!

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!

Kathy Bo

PS: BONUS! super cute puppy pictures: he is a Boston Terrier and goes by the name of Sir Winston Poops-a-Lot.


4 thoughts on “Something new for Six Little Acres

  1. Hope your granddaughter is doing better. Love Sir Poops a Lot. I have a Japanese Chin and a Chihuahua. LOve your fireplace. I have an electric on that I bought several years ago at Lowes, (THe Fp by itself was $500) but its by Heat n Glo. I love it. It looks just like an expensive Gas unit. Kudos to you for doing the frugal and SMART thing. It looks great.

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  2. I like this so much. This piece of furniture looks a lot like what I want to do to cover our now not-functional real fireplace. We are giving away our stove insert and it’s going to look like poop without the screen, etc. We are going to cap the chimney to keep our heat from going up. I’m very happy about no more chopping and hauling firewood and constantly cleaning up ashes and soot.

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    1. Way back when we had a real fireplace we used a wrought iron candle thingie – holds 5 chunky candles- it looked great in the fireplace during the warm months. I do not miss having a live fire in the house, or the tasks associated with it. You’ll have to come see it in person someday.


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