Will they last?

Y’all. I have NO idea what I’m doing when it comes to plants. But still, with help from Ninja Man and a grandLittle, I accomplished this sweet little setting today.

Do I “want” beautiful flowers like in a “real” garden at Six Little Acres? Oh, I do.

Do I “want” to do all the things it takes to help them thrive, like the Master Gardener class I took said I should?

Um. Two things about that:

1) I have raised two kids. Lovingly raised them. Dedicated to the task, I fed, watered and educated them. You know the drill. I did pretty well at all that but probably because you can’t actually ignore kids. They let you know when they need feeding and watering.

Plants? Not so much. They will be strong and healthy one day and flat out dead as a doornail the next. Seeing them thriving makes me happy. Seeing them gasping for breath under my care is a whole ‘nother thing. My family knows not to give me flowers. They would fare much better if we just run over them in the driveway than to put them in a vase on my table.

Nothing says “sucky plant mom” better than wilting flowers. I can’t take it y’all. It’s just too much pressure.

2) Yes, I took a Master Gardener class. It was MONTHS long. Maybe it was years long. All i know is it made my head hurt. It was college level study. My brain got so full I dreamed root systems and pollination.

Did I retain what I learned?

Y’all should know that among my many talents, the only thing I retain is water.

I did use the knowledge (quickly, before I forgot everything) to make a really nice garden and sitting area at one of our former homes.

And then I blinked, and it was all forgotten.

So the mystery here is will these little innocent plants stand a chance. I don’t know for sure but for now they are happy. Full sun, partial shade, who can blame me what with all such demands, right?

Of course, I forgot to water them. But not to worry I’ll get right on that- just like a proper Master Gardener.

And tomorrow, these cute little strawberry plants will join the ranks of mystery survivors at the hands of one former Master Gardener. Just in case, I’ve frozen a bunch from the grocery store. Not the plants, the actual strawberries.

Thanks for stopping by Six Little Acres. Y’all be blessed.

Kathy Bo


6 thoughts on “Will they last?

  1. It’s my belief all the plant mojo for the entire Gowan/Deaton/Lyndon/Hancock clan went into Barbara cause i don’t know anyone else in our family capable of keeping any plant alive. Just sayin…. good luck with your little garden-lite though.

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  2. LOL. I’m glad the ability to raise plants is not the measure of how good a mom someone would be. I’ve raised three kids to age 18 and they are healthy. They could tell me when they needed water. The impatiens and dusty miller in the container will put up with a lot. They can get very droopy and come back magically with watering. I’ve enjoyed the rehab of your mobile. I hope the grand baby is doing well.

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  3. They look beautiful…..the trick to keeping them alive is to have John put in a sprinkler system, with a timer!! Then you don’t have to “remember” to water them!!! Pretty sure you could get a hose that has already had little holes put in it……that’s the cheapest way. Good luck cuz!! It must run in our family, ’cause I have a “brown” thumb, too 🙂

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  4. I just love reading your post Kathy! You make me laugh! lol! I do understand how you feel, I’ve learned through trail and error when it comes to gardening. I know you will do well! Love your outdoor flower arrangement. 🙂


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