Shut the front door!

We have doors, y’all.

Well, actually, we’ve had doors for a while now but Ninja Man just installed SCREEN doors!

I’m so excited.

Because each door has a separate screen door, I can have a cross breeze like nobody’s business!

That, and the pups can roam free in and out to their little fuzzy heart’s desires.

Here they come! In case you’re wondering, that’s Monty the Italian Greyhound at top followed by Winston the Boston Terrier. Winston has to consider all the things before he makes a commitment. Miele, at bottom, flies through like her fanny is on fire. That’s the Jack Russell in her. We wish we could wash it out but no. It’s IN and she channels her inner Jack like it’s her sworn duty.

Hoover (our elderly Boston) was napping during this photo shoot.

Where do they go? Ah, that.

Well, Ninja Man and daughter built a HUGE pen for the pups. It only took them a week and they really enjoyed working on it together. Those big gates are necessary so we can move a camper in and out. They have to travel through the fenced in area to get to the hookups.

Now that the pups are happy, we can get back to doors.

So the pup door got installed first. This eliminates the need for us to jump up from time to time so the herd can answer the call of nature.

Next, Ninja Man installed the front porch door but it’s my favorite so I’m saving it for last.

He’s working on this one right now:This goes out to the side of the house where there is a fire pit and chickens.

Let’s talk about that fire pit.

It really isn’t one at all. What it is is a burn barrel and Ninja uses it all the time. There is a small dish type thing we use for roasting marshmallows and stuff like that, but so far it’s just a place in the yard near enough to the garden hose in case of, well, fire.

Side note: Ninja Man asked me what I want for Mother’s Day. I felt a little dizzy for a moment, having never heard the question in at least 37 years of mothering his offspring. In his defense, he is retired now and clearly trying to get into Heaven. But before I could come to my senses, I blurted out “a fire pit!”


So many missed opportunities. But like I said, I was dizzy, taken aback even. AND we happened to be at Home Depot when he asked.

Why couldn’t this question be asked at Jared’s jewelry store for goodness sake? Could be cause we never go there.

Anyway, here’s the front screen door!

(Drumroll please….)

It’s wooden. Ninja painted it gray, to match perfectly with the siding. It slaps shut. The grandLittles have already slapped it shut so I know it works, just like a grandma’s door should!

It’s messy around it because Ninja is still tweaking it here and there, but it’s installed and I’m so stinkin’ happy.

And you know, getting a fire pit for Mother’s Day just feels right. It’s not how brightly the gift shines; it’s how it warms you inside and out.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!

Kathy Bo

Hiding some UGLY

This ugly behemoth is so ugly no one wants it. “No one” includes the gas companies I called. 

I offered to give it away. 

Don’t want the tank? Ok, then take the gas. There’s 800 lbs of it. Yeah. 

Gas companies: we cannot empty it. We cannot take it. 

And then there was a guy who said no and no to emptying and taking- BUT – he would MOVE IT for us. 

Oh happy day. 

Here’s where it was:I suppose as ugly propane tanks go, this one is not much worse than its counterparts, but our home is completely electric now and the only propane will be used for a generator and whatever outdoor fire pit / cooking we do. 

I may or may not have complained about this tank for over a year now. Ninja Man actually had two days off so I made a few calls and got that thing moved to here: (in the woods!) it’s in a remote area that will not obstruct my view of things like birds, grass and… well, birds and grass. 

We were advised by the tank moving man that it will be a hassle to fill when it gets low. 

What tank moving man doesn’t know is that I NEVER intend to fill it again. What I plan to do is get one of my redneck friends a six pack and get him to cut that sucker in half. 

Now THAT would make an awesome fire pit. Y’all think I’m kidding- nope. My fire pit is just a few hundred gallons away. 

What can I say? I’m a cheap date. 

Thanks for stopping by and God bless. 

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Kathy Bo 

A wing and a prayer

We left the HOA house on Friday morning. 

If you’ve never lived in a neighborhood with an HOA, just know there are a gazillion rules and a staff of perfectionists who love to enforce said rules. 
But we did buy into this back in 2006, before the housing market took a dramatic nosedive – south. 

And we are – shall we say – over it. 

Anyway, there is *NO HOA* at Six Little Acres. In celebration of FREEDOM from the HOA minions, we did this. 

Yep, that’s Baby Beluga. Our beloved 5th wheel. Ninja Man is navigating up the hill so he can set it up for the many days we will be working on our new place. We will be super comfy while taking the place apart! Watch for updates. There will be band aids and probably margaritas. 

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So here’s the thing. Getting Baby Beluga (the 5th wheel RV) all the way to Six Little Acres was a bit of a challenge. 

We left home about 10:30 am. 

It was honestly the EASIEST travel day we’ve ever had. Until….

Don’t cha hate that word? Yeah, me too. There’s almost always something no one wants to hear after “until”, and this was no exception. 

So we were making really good time. Had been on the road only 4 hours and we were nearing the exit that would take us just 45 min to Six Little Acres and our camp for the next 17 days. 

The hill leading up to the exit proved to be too much for Ninja Man’s truck. We prayed. I was in a great mood, despite the situation. Hazard lights flashing, we crawled up that highway at 40mph and made our exit. I pretended to be rowing a boat. I’m sure that helped bunches. 

The closest gas station was just a quick right turn. We coasted in and parked. 

Can I just say this place was nasty and sketchy? Ninja had his equalizer so I wasn’t worried but it was just gross and a bit scary. 

We spent an hour and a half doing this. That monitor thingie was eleventy billion dollars but saved the day. 

Ninja Man speaks the language of gadgets old and new. He read it off to me- something about rails – and I reached for my phone so I could do my part, which is leave him alone and play a few rounds of solitaire. 

He had a spare fuel filter.  Who does that?? Well, of course Ninja Man does. 

The puppies and I sat in the truck and 


Golf balls. 

Yes we did. We had water and a few snacks but holy moley, what we needed was a pool and some beach music. 

Ninja Man, being the ninja that he is, MacGyvered that engine and it, being afraid of such ninja-ness, got us ALL THE WAY to our Six Little Acres. 


I was very happy when we arrived. He was able to navigate our country driveway (gravel with ditches on either side. *see “no HOA” above*) and pulled that beast into the driveway like he has done it a billion times. 

There he goes: If you’re exceptionally perceptive you may notice he stopped just at the power lines. Note I said “at” not “before”. 

I’ll shorten the story, which is filled with drama (me) and some “dang its” (Ninja). Clearly, we were done with this trip. 

Good thing: we made it (ok, daughter came and helped him park while I kept my distance and the GrandLittles) and the RV was set up. 


Yes, it was THAT KIND OF DAY. 

Today is Saturday. Our status:

We are reclined on camping chairs, fan blowing, listening to our pastor’s sermon online. The pups are playing and the only things done at Six Little Acres are some sweeping, weed eating, and – well, yeah. That’s pretty much it. We are tired. 

Tomorrow we will visit daughter’s church and start working on the house in the afternoon. Meanwhile, here’s our little campsite in the back yard. Notice the July 4 decor? THIS is how we are celebrating this year. Freedom isn’t free. God bless our soldiers and their families. 

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God bless. 

Kathy Bo