We are getting SO close

It’s almost time to start asking the burly guys in our group of family and friends if they like free cold beer. And pizza. Yeah that: cold beer and pizza.  We might even throw in some cheesy sticks. All because we need help loading and consequently, unloading trucks.

Yes, we are expecting to move me in during May! Can you believe it? This has been a long and difficult process! We are ready to get it over with.

Here’s what:

1) I am moving in first. Ninja Man will come often but mostly on weekends until he retires. He wants to retire every single day. I said I’ll have twice as much husband and half as much money. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat. 

2) why I’m moving before him is we have a 2 year old grandLittle who has cancer and I’m 1/2 of her care team. The 3.5 hour drive is difficult from our CAMPER to her house so Six Little Acres is only minutes from my daughter and it’s a great place to retire. 

3) Yes, I said CAMPER. We rented our Savannah home out so we would be financially better able to navigate this storm. We moved into our 5th wheel RV last August. We aren’t seeing any increase in funds between the travel and home renovation, plus the storage unit bills and rent at the RV park. It’s almost a wash but since last August we were able to see if we like “living” in the RV.  It’s no secret: This one of us is over it. 

4) AND there are so many hoops to jump through before we can live there. Trim has to be in. There’s a dip along the back of the house that needs a dirt wall. We need to paint the exterior. 

BUT DEAR READERS: We have electricity and water! We even have a working heat and air system. Y’all. I was just delighted when we could flush! So you can imagine how exciting it is to flip a light switch and have lights now and then. 

I’m actually AT the children’s hospital now- its chemo week- so I’ll just toss some quick photos that my FSIL took. FSIL= favorite son in law y’all. Ninja Man working on the kitchenthis. THIS Y’ALL! There’s lighting! And water! And flooring! And appliances! Now THIS πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ» is the master bath vanity. It looks better now that all the plumbing has been installed. Grumpy Plumber is all done and we are hoping he is not so grumpy anymore. Ninja Man helped me and the FSIL paint the EBR. That’s Six Little Acres slag for “Emotional Baggage Room”. It’s a huge multipurpose room that is suitable for a variety of activities such as:

  • Sleeping with those windows open
  • Gathering for church or crafting events
  • Sending Ninja Man out there to do whatever I think or he thinks needs doing. 

See how special this room is? Yeah, it’s big: 14X44 and Pinterest is even baffled. A bowling alley? Maybe. So if you’ve been a follower of my blog, you’ll know that saloon doors were planned for the master bedroom. We nixed that idea when Ninja Man was going to have to rebuild the entire opening. The phone call went something like this:

Ninja: “I’m gonna have to rebuild that opening.”

Me: “Nah, just stick a door in there. We just need to get me moved. We can change it later.”

Ninja Man was so delighted he went and got a door that very day. THAT’S the secret to staying married during the stressful times! Just downshift and go the speed limit. Ain’t nobody in a big hurry to be right or to get what they want. Just chill out. It will happen or it won’t. Baby cancer? Now THAT is something to dig your heels into and fight for all it’s worth. But a door? Nah. That’s nothing. Gee whiz, my tolerance barometer goes way, way up now. Ninja Man and I LOVE LOVE LOVE technology. He was ECSTATIC to get this system installed that uses an app (Wink) to run cameras, lights, HVAC and I’m not even sure what else. I told him don’t be messin with those lights when I’m here at night. I might not be a good sport about it. 
I have also told my kids that if they ever send me to a nursing home, it better have perfect wifi so I can post all over YouTube. I do love me some technology. Meanwhile, Ninja Man has promised to teach me how to use the new system. Ok, truth is, he has already TRIED to teach me but I’m going to watch the tutorials – I think we will stay married longer if I do. 

So we are almost there. The outside is still BU-TTHUGLY as we haven’t done anything out there. Daughter says it’s a “sleeper”- looks cruddy outside and gorgeous inside! And that’s the way it will have to be until we slowly get it where we want it. 

I’m beyond excited to move back to our home town and am just waiting for that day in May. Or will it be June….. time will tell. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Please pray for Baby Wren #hopeforwren

Kathy Bo


Wink no mow

We are back here at Six Little Acres for a different kind of trip this time. 

Our GrandLittle Baby Wren is 20 months old and she had surgery Thursday to remove the majority of a cancerous neuroblastoma tumor from her neck. The surgery was successful and she, mommy and daddy are all snuggled in to a hospital bed for the next few days. 

Ninja Man and I arrived on Wednesday evening, just in time to open up the house, unpack and get settled in so we could spend the next day at the hospital.  

Some work has been done since we were here last. A new electrical box was installed, much better than the one that was in there before. 
There’s even a peek-hole at the top. No, we did not opt for the peek hole version- it just came as a bonus. An unexpected surprise, if you will. Our peek-hole, while irritating, is nothing compared to a baby having cancer surgery, so we just said, “oh, pashaw” and went on with our lives. Sometimes that’s the best one can do. 

Ninja Man wanted to bring his truck, which made a ton of sense- until we realized that we would have to drive it in Atlanta traffic and park in an underground garage that has itty bitty spaces. 

So we brought the SneakMobile. It’s my favorite car and I love it probably more than I should. I don’t love it enough to wash it every week, but you get the idea. 

Here we are with the Three Stooges and a ton of stuff crammed into the car. 

It was a very boring trip. This happened: 


Once we arrived, we thought we would mow the grass. 

There was no gas in the tank or in the little can. 

Ninja figured he would just drive to the corner and buy gas. 

Um, no. 

The SneakMobile was filled with lots of goodies for cancer children and their families. The large number of bags were donated by friends of mine. We couldn’t expose such precious cargo to the likes of gas or fumes in the car, and we couldn’t deliver the gifts until the next day. 

So we didn’t mow on Wednesday. 

Thursday was surgery day. It was surreal, like having to see something through because you have no other choice. The chemo rounds and this surgery day was the most adulting I have ever had to do. And I would have taken that disease on myself if it would save baby Wren from going through it. 

So Thursday we just did what we had to do. We went through the motions of a very long day until we were blessed with the news that our GrandLittle did well and was in recovery. 

Driving the nearly hour back, we were mostly silent. When Ninja Man and I spoke it was to talk about the blessings of such a day. 

We didn’t mow on Thursday. 

Friday we tried to do a little bit of work on the Six Little Acres but little got accomplished. He was able to get the gasoline and use the mower and trailer to haul some big stuff to the dumpster but we didn’t take time to mow. 

I was able to spray some seriously chemical hazardous waste on the wall and wipe it down. It came off easily but I was tired and not in the mood.  


Ninja Man decided to take a look at this weird corner- the one I want taken out. 

He said nothing was there but a few spiders. Really? They didn’t survive. 

One thing we both felt was important was to install our security system. 
Ninja Man got on it. 

We bought a system called Wink.  It’s the bomb-diggity. You’ll have to Google it to see all the amazing stuff it can do. 

We have been playing with it, enjoying seeing the app say the door has been opened – even if we are standing right in the doorway. 

On Saturday we ended up (unexpectedly) visiting a family member in the local hospital and three hours later, we came back and napped. 

We saw the Little and her mommy and daddy later in the day, went to dinner and now we are sitting on the porch doing nothing. Not even mowing. 

There is so much work to be done here that it’s not even funny. But we realize we are two exhausted, emotionally drained grandparents who have a tiny oasis in the storm and we are just taking some time to get grounded. 

We might mow before we leave tomorrow. We might not. 

If you’re the praying sort, please pray with us for Baby Wren, her mommy and daddy. 
If you like to send jingles or positive thoughts, those are appreciated. But if you don’t know Christ, check out John 3:16. He has a beautiful story. The word “everlasting” is even there. Wow. It’s so worth the read. 

Thanks for stopping by and God bless.