Nice Things

Although I am well known to say, “That’s why we can’t have nice things!” well, I actually have a few “nice things” here at Six Little Acres.

I don’t mean “nice” as in valuable, ohhh trust me, there’s little of that here. I mean “nice” like it really, really goes with the house, or it is functional, you know, that kinda thing.

Today the UPS guy dropped off some things I was so excited to get; some wooden boxes, personalized just for Six Little Acres!

My friend is a Thirty-One consultant and they carry these great wooden boxes that you can personalize! See them here! Oh, and the cost? Just paid for the personalization because I was a party host (virtual, online). Easy and so worth it!

Yall. These are so well made and so stinkin’ perfect I can’t even. They even have black metal handles that coordinate with the metal on our barn doors! Couldn’t be more perfect than if I’d had them custom made.

This one is on the fireplace (electric, and yes we love it!) and will hold seasonal decor. I can’t wait to fill it for Christmas!

The other one will be a caddy for my table. I put salt, pepper and napkins in it. My salt and pepper shakers were a wee bit too short so I simply added a couple of squares of the styrofoam packing sheets that came with it. Stuffed those in the bottom and voila!

“Nice things” here at Six Little Acres are things that reflect “us”; they may never mean much to future generations, but then again, they may become some of the most cherished heirlooms.

Either way, I’m so happy these nice things are now in my life every day. It makes me smile.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!

Kathy Bo


Today at Six Little Acres


The walking path is going to happen!

We have the estimate and the little orange flags, so it’s official.

In celebration of said walking path, I put on these boots. and headed out. Boots because I’m really not fond of snakes and Six Little Acres is a very happy place for things that go slither.

We don’t have the path – yet – but I found some beautiful places in our walk about today.

Here’s where the path will begin. Those little orange flags on the ground are in the center of what will be the path. Meanwhile, here are some shots around the house. I’m not gonna brave those woods until there’s a 12 foot wide path and an equalizer, so stay tuned for the walking path edition!

The figs are ripening!

And our brave warrior Wren. She is “stable” but we are still praying for a cure. Due to some life changing experimental meds, she’s able to enjoy being a Little. And THAT is so big.

Thanks for stopping by Six Little Acres. God bless.

Kathy Bo

The next project: a walking path

I’m pretty excited to share that we are planning a serene walking path at Six Little Acres.

Here’s a video to give you an idea of what we want to do. We are getting estimates on clearing out. Hopefully it’s affordable! Stay tuned!

This morning at Six Little Acres

I said it “rarely” snows here in west Georgia. Man, do I ever stand corrected!

The news said it would happen. The schools closed. I was still thinking maybe a dusting or something. Thinking that, but still making sure we had “all the things” to survive a snowpocalypse. Ie: milk and bread. For milk sandwiches? I dunno. It’s what we do.

Anyway, we woke up this morning to about 3″ of snow. Oh, it’s on top of ice, of course, and we don’t have neighbor guys with snow plows duct taped to the front of their pickup trucks, so we are in for the day- or two.

Anyway, here’s us today. At the humble Six Little Acres.

Thanks for visiting and God bless.

Kathy Bo

PS: our Baby Wren and her mommy (our favorite daughter- disclaimer: we have only one) just returned from Philadelphia for a checkup. She’s doing great! Please keep praying.

Knock knock!

We have a door!

Well, actually two! I found the perfect door to slide between my studio and the small bathroom, and just down the road I found the second one, perfect for the living room wall that leads to my studio. BOTH were ridiculous bargains!

I’m now deciding what I should paint them with, or if I should paint or finish them at all. 

I know y’all wanna see them so….

The first one will be inside my crafting and sewing studio. It will slide open to a guest bath. Of course our guests will be welcome to use it, they just need to go through my studio. 

Works for us! 

I do plan to put a piece of frosted plastic “glass” in that big window. Real glass may not be practical when sliding the door from left to right. The frosted plastic glass will offer some privacy, but I will enjoy it tremendously as diffused light coming from a night light in the bathroom while I’m working in my studio. 

Lighting is a big part of the plan, by the way. I’m researching “all the things” so I can get the studio wired this week. It’s quite the task, having only had overhead lights before. 

SUGGESTION BOX IS OPEN! Please share any lighting knowledge you have in the comments below! Note: I have implants in my eyes due to early onset of cataracts back in my 40’s. Money spent on good lighting is a must. 

But back to the doors! Ok, so this is the front and will face my studio. 

All the hands that ever turned that door knob. I wish this door could tell me the stories! This is the back and will face the bathroom when closed, the wall when slid open. We are using sliding doors every where possible. And that little bell thing! Ninja Man is pretty sure he can fix it. That would be so stinkin’ cool! 

I brought it home in my car. And to the left is a cute table I had to have in order to live a normal life. (You can see it better in the first picture just behind the door). Y’all. It was barely $20. A great find! Now for the next door!

This big guy will also be a sliding door, placed in the living room, leading to the studio. 

This is the other side of it and will probably be the side that goes against the wall. The doorknobs will have to be removed on the back sides in order for the panels to slide back and forth (see my earlier post about the barn doors). By the way, those boxes falling out of my car are from a sweet friend – a great solution toward packing up my studio and sewing room! So, dear readers, I’m gonna ask you to weigh in on something….
What color shall I paint them? 

Should I leave them as is? 

I’m going with a coastal French nautical theme in the living room so driftwood may be nice. 

I almost wonder if I need to live with them a while before deciding! Either way, please comment below if you have paint / finish and or lighting ideas! 

Thank you for visiting! 

God bless!

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me.” Revelation 3:20

Kathy Bo