Fall at Six Little Acres

While there is vibrant color in and around town, we have “some” color here at Six Little Acres.

Ninja Man suggested we go for a walk down our trail in the woods and I was ready! Well, until I thought about what I was wearing. We have a lot of hunters in the area so this became my “don’t shoot!” hat for the day. Yeah, it’s a rain hoodie that snaps off one of my jackets. I figured it would work. Must have because I am still here!

Oh, I also had to put on my snake boots. Hard to see them here, right? RIGHT? Hahahah This is me in my walk-in-the-woods gear accompanied by one of our precious pups named Winston. He is about to be three years old. The sunlight y’all. Oh my goodness. I’m so thankful to have seen this today. And did y’all know fairies live here? They do- and the grandLittles have made a great little fairy village. That one has had a bit too much honeysuckle juice.

We also saw a mushroom that is actually growing THROUGH a leaf. Either that or the leaf fell, was poisoned and fell around the shroom. Either way it was a cool find. Then we had this red one pop up too. Like snakes, I assume all mushrooms are poisonous so I don’t mess with them. Here are some other pix I took along the way. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I was born on Thanksgiving and was also married on Thanksgiving. The 27th and 25th, respectively. 60 years bold is how I like to say it, and married 42 of those 60 years. I was 17, turned 18 two days later.

Here’s my favorite thing:

Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving all.

And thank you for stopping by Six Little Acres.

Kathy Bo


This morning at Six Little Acres

I said it “rarely” snows here in west Georgia. Man, do I ever stand corrected!

The news said it would happen. The schools closed. I was still thinking maybe a dusting or something. Thinking that, but still making sure we had “all the things” to survive a snowpocalypse. Ie: milk and bread. For milk sandwiches? I dunno. It’s what we do.

Anyway, we woke up this morning to about 3″ of snow. Oh, it’s on top of ice, of course, and we don’t have neighbor guys with snow plows duct taped to the front of their pickup trucks, so we are in for the day- or two.

Anyway, here’s us today. At the humble Six Little Acres.

Thanks for visiting and God bless.

Kathy Bo

PS: our Baby Wren and her mommy (our favorite daughter- disclaimer: we have only one) just returned from Philadelphia for a checkup. She’s doing great! Please keep praying.

Wink no mow

We are back here at Six Little Acres for a different kind of trip this time. 

Our GrandLittle Baby Wren is 20 months old and she had surgery Thursday to remove the majority of a cancerous neuroblastoma tumor from her neck. The surgery was successful and she, mommy and daddy are all snuggled in to a hospital bed for the next few days. 

Ninja Man and I arrived on Wednesday evening, just in time to open up the house, unpack and get settled in so we could spend the next day at the hospital.  

Some work has been done since we were here last. A new electrical box was installed, much better than the one that was in there before. 
There’s even a peek-hole at the top. No, we did not opt for the peek hole version- it just came as a bonus. An unexpected surprise, if you will. Our peek-hole, while irritating, is nothing compared to a baby having cancer surgery, so we just said, “oh, pashaw” and went on with our lives. Sometimes that’s the best one can do. 

Ninja Man wanted to bring his truck, which made a ton of sense- until we realized that we would have to drive it in Atlanta traffic and park in an underground garage that has itty bitty spaces. 

So we brought the SneakMobile. It’s my favorite car and I love it probably more than I should. I don’t love it enough to wash it every week, but you get the idea. 

Here we are with the Three Stooges and a ton of stuff crammed into the car. 

It was a very boring trip. This happened: 

Once we arrived, we thought we would mow the grass. 

There was no gas in the tank or in the little can. 

Ninja figured he would just drive to the corner and buy gas. 

Um, no. 

The SneakMobile was filled with lots of goodies for cancer children and their families. The large number of bags were donated by friends of mine. We couldn’t expose such precious cargo to the likes of gas or fumes in the car, and we couldn’t deliver the gifts until the next day. 

So we didn’t mow on Wednesday. 

Thursday was surgery day. It was surreal, like having to see something through because you have no other choice. The chemo rounds and this surgery day was the most adulting I have ever had to do. And I would have taken that disease on myself if it would save baby Wren from going through it. 

So Thursday we just did what we had to do. We went through the motions of a very long day until we were blessed with the news that our GrandLittle did well and was in recovery. 

Driving the nearly hour back, we were mostly silent. When Ninja Man and I spoke it was to talk about the blessings of such a day. 

We didn’t mow on Thursday. 

Friday we tried to do a little bit of work on the Six Little Acres but little got accomplished. He was able to get the gasoline and use the mower and trailer to haul some big stuff to the dumpster but we didn’t take time to mow. 

I was able to spray some seriously chemical hazardous waste on the wall and wipe it down. It came off easily but I was tired and not in the mood.  


Ninja Man decided to take a look at this weird corner- the one I want taken out. 

He said nothing was there but a few spiders. Really? They didn’t survive. 

One thing we both felt was important was to install our security system. 
Ninja Man got on it. 

We bought a system called Wink.  It’s the bomb-diggity. You’ll have to Google it to see all the amazing stuff it can do. 

We have been playing with it, enjoying seeing the app say the door has been opened – even if we are standing right in the doorway. 

On Saturday we ended up (unexpectedly) visiting a family member in the local hospital and three hours later, we came back and napped. 

We saw the Little and her mommy and daddy later in the day, went to dinner and now we are sitting on the porch doing nothing. Not even mowing. 

There is so much work to be done here that it’s not even funny. But we realize we are two exhausted, emotionally drained grandparents who have a tiny oasis in the storm and we are just taking some time to get grounded. 

We might mow before we leave tomorrow. We might not. 

If you’re the praying sort, please pray with us for Baby Wren, her mommy and daddy. 
If you like to send jingles or positive thoughts, those are appreciated. But if you don’t know Christ, check out John 3:16. He has a beautiful story. The word “everlasting” is even there. Wow. It’s so worth the read. 

Thanks for stopping by and God bless.