This morning at Six Little Acres

I said it “rarely” snows here in west Georgia. Man, do I ever stand corrected!

The news said it would happen. The schools closed. I was still thinking maybe a dusting or something. Thinking that, but still making sure we had “all the things” to survive a snowpocalypse. Ie: milk and bread. For milk sandwiches? I dunno. It’s what we do.

Anyway, we woke up this morning to about 3″ of snow. Oh, it’s on top of ice, of course, and we don’t have neighbor guys with snow plows duct taped to the front of their pickup trucks, so we are in for the day- or two.

Anyway, here’s us today. At the humble Six Little Acres.

Thanks for visiting and God bless.

Kathy Bo

PS: our Baby Wren and her mommy (our favorite daughter- disclaimer: we have only one) just returned from Philadelphia for a checkup. She’s doing great! Please keep praying.


Snow at Six Little Acres

It rarely snows in Georgia. Well, I mean, we get flurries sometimes and we get black ice too often, but an accumulation of snow? Rare.

Super rare.

So when the big fat flakes started falling yesterday and the grandLittle Phoebe Jo proclaimed she would make a snowman, I was hoping she would not be disappointed. After all, the weatherGuessers said we only had a 20% chance.

And it is Georgia, y’all.

We got about four inches of snow and it was just perfect for our first winter at SLA. No power outage, no limbs down, no worries about getting to work this time (we are retired) and no problems at all.

One might say we deserved a perfect day after the baby cancer-home renovation-living in a camper year and a half we have had.

I might agree. Ok, I totally agree.

Anyway, here are some beautiful shots of a few of the Six Acres. Most taken by my daughter (she took a stroll through the woods) and some taken by me.

The first picture show the chicken tractor in the foreground. There are chickens all snuggled up in there. They are so happy they left us some eggs.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless.

Kathy Bo

Another milestone at Six Little Acres

Considering what our family has been through in the days since Baby Wren was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, November 7, 2017 seemed so far away.

That was the date Ninja Man would retire.

Well, November 7, 2017 came. In between the day of the news (February 15, 2016) and what will now be forever known as Retirement Tuesday, Ninja Man and I have had a difficult path to navigate. In order to help our daughter and her sweet family, we rented our home out so we could afford to build near her at Six Little Acres without debt.

During that time there were too many trips back and forth to count.

It was also during that time we moved from the house to our 5th wheel RV. It was our initial plan when we bought it but we never planned to “need” to live there.

And during that time we renovated what has become home to all of us. Daughter and family are living here with us for now, making us a family of six.

While the “no debt” thing didn’t work out (we had to borrow some funds to get as far as we are), this place, y’all, is exactly what the doctor ordered. Especially for a family who is on the mend from their most difficult 21 months (and counting).

But on November 7, this guy drove up to the RV wearing one of two shirts I made for him to commemorate the big day.

Not being needed back at SLA right away, we stayed the week at camp, seeing friends and doing stuff campers do. Yes, there was food, bonfires, laughter and tears (me).

We headed home the Sunday after Retirement Tuesday. Daughter and family were so excited to see us and even celebrated Ninja Man’s big day with balloons and a banner. I LOVE festive decorations and this made me decide to have a banner of some sort on the porch year round. What? Yep. We are free from our former home’s HOA and I can make one out of anything I want so I’m gonna. By the way, our little princess isn’t in this photo but her mommy, daddy and sweet sister is.

We rested up Sunday and Monday for, well, we had absolutely no schedule whatsoever, so basically we rested up just because we could. For the first time in AGES. No alarms to set. No trips to drive. It’s been a very, very long and stressful 21 months to get to this point.

On Tuesday, this guy (yeah, he loves his shirt) was collecting branches for the fire pit we have yet to build. We are currently using just what we have, but with plans to have a pretty cool one later. One of those fires are ok to roast marshmallows on (grandLittle bait) and the other is we-have-no-clue-what-was-in-that-barrel-so-Heaven-knows-we-aint-cooking-over-it.

There was one little princess who was so excited to see her Poppa Bo. All of our grandLittles love this man so much. It just melts my heart to see them snuggle up to him.

So, after many, many difficult months and thinking it would never happen, we finally left this place where we have made lifelong friends.And this is also the first time we haven’t had to store BoTown, our RV.

I love this door. I love this wreath. I love Six Little Acres.

It’s good, y’all. Really good.

Thanks for stopping by, and God bless.

Kathy Bo

Moving Day


Our stuff is finally here.

Here at Six Little Acres.

Oh yes it is. And we, (the Ninja Man and moi) are exhausted beyond imagination.

Here’s what:

We rented a U-Haul and – through U-Haul- we hired two movers. Y’all remember how I’ve mentioned how blessed we are? Well, those two movers turned into three, and the four hours we paid for were finished in three!

That’s a big deal since Ninja Man had worked a full day and needed to go to bed. It’s just a piece of gravel in a mountain of major challenges we have faced.

None of this has been easy, y’all. None of it.

Let’s recap since February 2016. The 15th, to be exact was when Baby Wren was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in her neck. That is the day I will never forget. Baby cancer will do that to you. Looking back, it’s absolutely a devastating event that forever altered our lives. But it is also absolutely the time we have seen more blessings than we have ever witnessed.

With this news, there was not even a doubt that I would help our daughter and her husband with Wren and big sis Phoebe.

We moved away from our beautiful Savannah home, renting it out because it’s too soon in the mortgage to sell. We knew the expenses we would incur would be substantial. We own an RV and we moved into it.

We spent a full year renovating Six Little Acres with horrid contractors. I was in charge of the whole project and had to navigate it from a distance from either Savannah or the children’s hospital. All this while living in the RV near Savannah and me driving to Atlanta every 21 days for 13 rounds of baby chemo.

Our plan was to accomplish this place with no debt. We didn’t make that goal. We had to go into debt and now we will pay that as we go.

We finally finished this build/remodel in late May. I moved in and lived as sparsely as I’ve ever lived. Paper plates. No dresser for my clothes (I’ve successfully used cardboard boxes). Very few chairs, a borrowed pot and pan, no toaster, no washer or dryer and no TV. Everything we owned was in storage and Ninja would bring as much as he could every time he came. Im 58 years old. Let me just say that I am completely over hauling laundry to a laundromat either near SLA or at the campground. Over it, y’all.

We have been married nearly 41 years. Besides the washer and dryer, we have a good bit of stuff even though I pared it down a lot before we moved. Check this out: knowing how I needed furnishings and necessities, Ninja Man tirelessly loaded his truck after working 10 hour days (he had help only once) and drove the 3 1/2 hours from Savannah to our new home. He did this nearly every Friday for over four months.

He’s 64. There were bookcases and heavy boxes.

It’s a lot, y’all.

Fast forward to tonight. I can’t describe how tired we are. I’m too tired to cry. Too tired to put on my PJs. So I won’t do either.

Ninja Man and I left the RV (I was there to get some things done in Savannah) about 9:30 this morning. Instead of sleeping, I’d spent several hours being anxious about the SneakMobile being towed. Oh, I didn’t want to. I didn’t even expect to. It’s just a byproduct of being the sweet and loving control freak that I am.

Anyway, he drove the 26′ truck with The SneakMobile in tow. I drove his huge pickup truck.

Being the control freak that I am, I was surprised that once we were on the road, I really wasn’t worried at all. The SneakMobile is obedient, and followed along as if it we do this all the time.

Here we are challenging another U-Hauler to a duel.

Don’t worry, I never looked at my phone to take this picture. Seriously. It’s just a rare talent that I discovered shortly after the invention of picture-taking-phones.

Four hours later (only 30 extra minutes from our usual time) we were turning in at Six Little Acres.

Can I just tell y’all how big this is? Huge. Huge, y’all.

And that 26′ truck was filled, as momma would say, “to the gills.”

Having spent so much already, I put a call out on Facebook for help. Even though the offer was for pizza-compensation, we had folks eager to come at this crucial time.

Crucial because:

Both Ninja and I have issues with our right shoulders. Mine due to a hard fall on concrete, his a mystery injury. I asked him if he was with his shoulder at the time it was injured, he assured me he was. We have no clue what happened but he will get an MRI next week.

And can I just say that I saw my X-ray and I’m downright skinny up under all this fluff. Skinny bones. Yep. That’s me.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the “during”. I will start on boxes tomorrow, right after I sleep until somebody makes me drag my drivin-all-over-the-dang-place-paper-plate-using-laundromat-hanging-out-whiney butt out of the bed.

And not a moment sooner.

Thanks for stopping by, and thank you all who have been praying for Baby Wren. Keep it up please, she has a ways to go yet.

God bless,

Kathy Bo.

An uninvited guest named Irma

We are southwest of Atlanta. We watched the news of Hurricane Irma with great interest, as we have friends and family in Florida and Savannah. We also still own a home in Savannah and so far it fared well.

Being southwest of Atlanta, we figured we’d have nothing more than rain.

We were wrong.

That danged old storm just found her way into places no one expected. And though we had only wind and rain, Six Little Acres was no exception to Irma’s SE trek.

There was rain, lots of it. It was the kind of cold rain that the pups refused to go outside.

All weekend.

We finally devised a plan that meant leading them out and letting them go in the carport. The carport is a metal roof thing with dirt as a floor, so it was perfect for pups “on the go”. This single thing was probably the best plan all weekend.

We had wind that twisted the treetops in a weird and creepy way. That wind got up to a guesstimate of about 40 mph and spread that cold rain with it.

We were ready for a power outage. We had hurricane snacks as well as bottled water, sandwich fixings, canned goods and chips.

Ninja Man and the FSIL filled every gas tank we had just in case we needed the generator.

The grandLittles were stir crazy after a few short hours and needed some chicken-chasin’ outdoors. But as the rain and winds continued, we all just did our best to entertain them.

Here’s a great illustration of Ninja Man, favorite daughter (ok, she’s our only daughter) and yours truly, coping with the storm.

I know. It’s hard to muster up any sympathy. Except for a flicker or two, we never lost power.

Please keep praying for those who were hit hard during this storm as well as Harvey. They may never regain their lives and livelihoods. Having once lost all our possessions in a fire, it breaks my heart to see the devastation reported from these storms across the Caribbean, Atlantic and the Gulf.

Prayers also please for Baby Wren and favorite daughter as they travel to Pennsylvania for more treatment. We are so blessed that they CAN travel. That there IS medicine. That we ARE able to have treatment for our Little. We are blessed beyond imagination.

Thank you for stopping by, and God bless each of you.

Kathy Bo

Cure for dem laundry blues

My washer, dryer and I are finally reunited after a long, long year.

Our dirty laundry has been exposed.

I've washed at the campground and local laundry that is next to a beer joint. I've washed at the Ronald McDonald House when helping during my grandLittle's chemo.

I've carried laundry up and down metal stairs to use a washer and dryer outside a downtown Atlanta motel.

I've loaded my car with no help, got to the laundromat and with people standing at the door, no help holding it open. Same way going back.

But no more.

That whole thing of saving-quarters-till-they-weigh-as-much-as-the-laundry is OH-VER.

Ohhhh veerrrrr.
Here's what:
Ninja Man showed up with these dreamy appliances just this morning. I tried to help him unload, but that has never ever gone well. Just as I was about to lose it- y'all, I mean LOSE IT…. out daughter showed up.

She and her dad share a brain. No really. They do. They got that washer inside and here's who died: nobody.

Again with the dryer. Nobody died.

Partly because I completely left the area. I hid out in the restroom.

Anyway, here I am at Six Little Acres, listening to the swish and gurgle of my washing machine. I think I'm in love.

A wing and a prayer

We left the HOA house on Friday morning. 

If you’ve never lived in a neighborhood with an HOA, just know there are a gazillion rules and a staff of perfectionists who love to enforce said rules. 
But we did buy into this back in 2006, before the housing market took a dramatic nosedive – south. 

And we are – shall we say – over it. 

Anyway, there is *NO HOA* at Six Little Acres. In celebration of FREEDOM from the HOA minions, we did this. 

Yep, that’s Baby Beluga. Our beloved 5th wheel. Ninja Man is navigating up the hill so he can set it up for the many days we will be working on our new place. We will be super comfy while taking the place apart! Watch for updates. There will be band aids and probably margaritas. 

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So here’s the thing. Getting Baby Beluga (the 5th wheel RV) all the way to Six Little Acres was a bit of a challenge. 

We left home about 10:30 am. 

It was honestly the EASIEST travel day we’ve ever had. Until….

Don’t cha hate that word? Yeah, me too. There’s almost always something no one wants to hear after “until”, and this was no exception. 

So we were making really good time. Had been on the road only 4 hours and we were nearing the exit that would take us just 45 min to Six Little Acres and our camp for the next 17 days. 

The hill leading up to the exit proved to be too much for Ninja Man’s truck. We prayed. I was in a great mood, despite the situation. Hazard lights flashing, we crawled up that highway at 40mph and made our exit. I pretended to be rowing a boat. I’m sure that helped bunches. 

The closest gas station was just a quick right turn. We coasted in and parked. 

Can I just say this place was nasty and sketchy? Ninja had his equalizer so I wasn’t worried but it was just gross and a bit scary. 

We spent an hour and a half doing this. That monitor thingie was eleventy billion dollars but saved the day. 

Ninja Man speaks the language of gadgets old and new. He read it off to me- something about rails – and I reached for my phone so I could do my part, which is leave him alone and play a few rounds of solitaire. 

He had a spare fuel filter.  Who does that?? Well, of course Ninja Man does. 

The puppies and I sat in the truck and 


Golf balls. 

Yes we did. We had water and a few snacks but holy moley, what we needed was a pool and some beach music. 

Ninja Man, being the ninja that he is, MacGyvered that engine and it, being afraid of such ninja-ness, got us ALL THE WAY to our Six Little Acres. 


I was very happy when we arrived. He was able to navigate our country driveway (gravel with ditches on either side. *see “no HOA” above*) and pulled that beast into the driveway like he has done it a billion times. 

There he goes: If you’re exceptionally perceptive you may notice he stopped just at the power lines. Note I said “at” not “before”. 

I’ll shorten the story, which is filled with drama (me) and some “dang its” (Ninja). Clearly, we were done with this trip. 

Good thing: we made it (ok, daughter came and helped him park while I kept my distance and the GrandLittles) and the RV was set up. 


Yes, it was THAT KIND OF DAY. 

Today is Saturday. Our status:

We are reclined on camping chairs, fan blowing, listening to our pastor’s sermon online. The pups are playing and the only things done at Six Little Acres are some sweeping, weed eating, and – well, yeah. That’s pretty much it. We are tired. 

Tomorrow we will visit daughter’s church and start working on the house in the afternoon. Meanwhile, here’s our little campsite in the back yard. Notice the July 4 decor? THIS is how we are celebrating this year. Freedom isn’t free. God bless our soldiers and their families. 

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God bless. 

Kathy Bo