Fruits and veggies at Six Little Acres

It’s June 11, 2020, and things are wonderfully slow and quiet here at Six Little Acres.

We have planted flowers and a few veggies, plus there are thriving figs, blueberries, muscadines and scuppernongs we hope to harvest soon.

Enjoy the pictures, I’ll try to caption correctly!

Future figs
Muscadines or scuppernongs – we have both!
Some sort of pear- please comment if you know
A neat way to plant squash! We planted in containers, and this water bottle was perfect!
Squash and a watermelon vine.
Tomatoes and yep, more squash! This is at the fire pit.

I hope you enjoyed this little update. Thanks for stopping by, and God bless.

Quarantined at Six Little Acres

There comes a thunder! Or just a big wind, either way, it’s awesome to just be here with the pre-storm breeze. It’s the kind of wind that carries just enough sprinkles to make the dogs run to the porch, but the hummingbirds continue to flit around the feeders.

And so it goes with sheltering in place at Six Little Acres. We are senior citizens now, so we are extra careful with staying safe. Grocery delivery is the norm now, as is staying home as much as possible. The result is lots of time spent lounging so we have started walking the property every single day just to try and stay active.

The walking is especially helpful now because I had some pretty serious surgery in March. It was the 16th to be exact, just as the door was closing on the world as we know it. I was given the option to postpone, but I was the first patient of the day so it was safe enough for me. In the weeks and months that followed, I made the decision to come out of this better than I went in.

“Better” means losing weight, which is lots of fun when there’s nothing to do. But I’m diligent and determined. In order to get back to normal, I’m working with my physical therapy and walking the property each day. Both help with my recovery.

So today after my walk, I sat in my little garden and enjoyed the breeze. There’s a new corn cob on the squirrel picnic table, something I know will entertain us as soon as the rain subsides. More on that squirrel table in my next post.

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God bless,

Kathy Bo

It’s 2020 and work aplenty!

Ninja Man has been busy in the back of Six Little Acres. There are the muscadine and scuppernong vines that were overtaken by random vines and overgrown weeds.

What looked like two HUGE mounds of viney-weedy-snakey growth is now on its way to being an arbor once again.

These are very mature vines and they produce buckets of fruit each year. We are blessed to have them here at Six Little Acres, but only this year has Ninja Man been able to put clearing them out on his priority list. He is reclaiming our grapes from an invasion of the wilds!

Can y’all believe these before” pictures? #trueStory.

Here he is, chopping away: He still has a bit to go, but three cheers, y’all!! Once that with is finished, we will be constructing new supports to function as the arbor.

Meanwhile, we did a walk about this morning, and I am so thankful God blessed us with THIS place in THIS town! I just wanna hug it all! So our walk revealed a sweet little jonquil waiting to be discovered! He’s like, “Hey! I’m here!”

I’m smitten with his beautiful yellow self!

He happens to be blooming near the fig tree! Yeah, I know it’s supposed to be a “bush”, but y’all: Not kidding, it’s about 10 feet tall! Here is a happy little fig bud!So Ninja Man has been cleaning it out as well. Ninja is a happy camper because he keeps fueling his precious fire pit with all the limbs, vines and brush he is pulling out of the grapes and figs!

I love it when he gets out and makes our sweet little homeland even more awesome than it already is.

That’s it for today, please continue praying for our sweet Wren. She’s doing well and is stable! God is SO good, y’all.

Kathy Bo

Outside, and it’s nice and chilly!

Since fall arrived, we have taken to walking around Six Little Acres. It’s just such a pleasant place to be, this respite from the many, many hours we worked before retirement.

Here are some snippets of life here today.

Two thirds of our pups: (Our oldest Boston Terrier can’t play anymore)and I promise, they are BEST friends, they just love to play hard with one another. Just moments before I began recording, they were running laps around Ninja Man and me. Miele (Mee-luh) is the Boston / Sneaky Neighbor Dog mix. Winston is the Boston.

And this:

This is the grandLittle’s “Climbing Tree”, and in the summer and spring its branches are full of giggles.

Then this:

Ninja Man had to repair some fencing. It’s the fence surrounding the dog’s yard. They are 100% indoor family members, but have their very own door when they need to go.

He didn’t waste a minute figuring out how to stretch that wire.

Quick repair, all done!

After our walk about, we settled into the little garden in front of the house and discussed whether or not we should cancel our $50 a month YouTube TV. We have this conversation about every six weeks or so.

We shall see.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!

Kathy Bo

Home grown preserves with Stevia

While I was at Bible study this morning, Ninja Man went to the Muscadine and scuppernong bushes to see if he could go about making some preserves.


He collected enough to make a sweet little batch of Heaven.


Considering the fact that I’m type 2 diabetic and he and I are rather fluffy, he made them with Stevia. There is still sugar in the fruit and of course carbs in the croissant, so not to say we aren’t tempted, but nobody’s going crazy over here!

But y’all. It is SOOO good! I can’t wait to have some more.

We used this recipe from pallensmith. Ninja Man tweaked it for the Stevia.

I’m a fan! And it’s so wonderful to have something to harvest here. We are talking about a garden next year, so hopefully there will be lots more to come!

(By the way, it’s still warm in the pix.)

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!

Kathy Bo

Today, three years ago.

The story below showed up in my Facebook memories today. I am SO thankful we are past that season. As I write this blog post, I am using my phone, in the car, with Ninja Man driving and little Wren in the back seat. We are taking her to the Children’s Hospital for a checkup. She is on trial meds for the neuroblastoma that was found in her neck when she was just 16 months old. She’s a MAJOR joy and such a trooper. I wish we were going somewhere fun, but this is our new normal, this time with hope. And best of all, this precious Little will celebrate her 5th birthday in September. She says hi to all of you! (THAT DIMPLE, YALL!)

On to the memory:

There’s a story here. We shall title it “A Pane in my Glass”.

A) It’s moving month. Yeah, it’s not moving “day” any freakin more. It’s moving freakin month. Apparently that’s the way we do things.

B) I have a nice IKEA setup in my studio. Among its attributes are two glass topped desks. You will note I’m sweeping up one of those two desk tops with an itty bitty broom. More on that in a minute.

C) it was a freak accident- at least that’s Ninja Man’s story and he is sticking to it. I only “heard” the crash because I was about 100 feet away in my new natural habitat: a freakin storage unit.

D) thankfully it was tempered glass. That meant it broke in a gazillion chunks. I know. I counted.

E) I called the storage people to ask for a broom. The guy was kind enough to direct me to Dollar General to buy a broom. Honestly, in my storage-induced stupor, I hadn’t thought of that.

F) There were no “real” brooms at the dollar store. There were only whisk brooms with mini dustpans. I succumbed to the lack of choices and grabbed a tiny set. I should have bought two because Ninja Man made the impulse decision to suggest that I missed a piece – right over there. Words cannot even describe.

G) Did I mention the pups were in the car the ENTIRE time? Oh yes they were. I have a neat little remote thingie and can start my car over and over. It runs for 10 min and I start it up again. The pups were in air conditioned bliss while the humans were sweating like the servants we are. Oh, and that remote starter thing? It’s not for keeping pups in the car for 3.5 hours while I mini-sweep the parking lot at the freakin storage unit in freakin August, but there’s nothing in the directions that says I can’t so I did. And let me just say they watched me the whole time.

H) while I was sweeping the parking lot with my mini broom, a storm was on the horizon. I decided right then and there that I was gonna sit and sweep up every teeny piece until lightening struck me det. The lightening didn’t strike me det so I decided to sit in the pre-storm breeze, sweep the freakin parking lot with my freakin mini broom and dustpan, enjoy the mist on my face and pretend it was a real bath.

That’s the story from my point of view.

Now for Ninja Man’s prospective:

A) Some glass broke but it’s ok. It’s tempered.

Bedtime. I’ve earned it.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless.

Kathy Bo


Sometimes I wake up at Six Little Acres and just go about my busy day.

Other times I run across pictures of where we were, and I absolutely marvel at the absolute grace of God.

This was our situation during demo.

And this is us now. I’m so very thankful for our humble home. It’s all ours, and that’s enough for me.

Thanks for stopping by. For anyone going through renovations, remember that we go THROUGH things- we don’t just stay there.

I hope this offers encouragement.

God bless,

Kathy Bo

Harvest time

Ninja Man proclaimed the figs were ready.

This is always a welcome proclamation at Six Little Acres. The fig “bushes” are actually trees at this point, and they are very mature and healthy.

We also have a pear tree or two. The pears are often deer food, so we have yet to gather many. I think ours are Kieffer pears, which are best for preserves. I keep saying next year, next year, but I keep missing out on gathering them. The deer, however, don’t miss a beat.

The blueberry bushes must have been started years ago along with the fig bushes because they too, are huge producers.

Our daughter used to keep up with these things but since she and her family moved it’s up to us.

Here’s how I keep up:

Me: “How about the blueberries? Think they are ready?”

NM: “Probably.” (That’s Ninja Man’s answer for lots of things I ask.)

Too lazy to put on my snake boots, I admit I forgot to follow up with the blueberries in question.

I came home from knit group this afternoon and found he had gone out and picked some of the blueberries AND figs. They are DELISH, y’all!

There is an estimated gazillion more, so as soon as it cools off I’ll go out there in snake boots and pick ALL THE THINGS!

Enjoy the pix, we will be making stuff and freezing the rest. If we are successful, I’ll share that too.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!

Kathy Bo

Six Little Acres: the Skyline

It’s July 5 here at Six Little Acres and here in Georgia, the summer has already proven to be absolutely sweltering.

Even at 92 degrees it isn’t nearly as unbearable as summers in Savannah were. The combination of heat plus humidity plus gnats was a deterrent for any outside activities between May and November. I stayed inside as much as possible and even scheduled necessary trips in early morning so I would not be out in the “heat of the day”.

This will be our third full summer here at Six Little Acres, and since the fervor of getting settled is over we are enjoying early mornings and late evenings on the porch.

This evening we were drawn out of our recliners by a yellowish sunset through the living room blinds. We went out to the yard and y’all, it was breathtaking!

The pix don’t do it justice of course, but storms were on either side of us which produced the amazing “skyline”. God is an awesome artist, y’all!

Hope you enjoy the pix, and by the way, that last one is our sweet Winston checking in on Ninja Man. Winston doesn’t let him out of his sight!

Thanks for stopping by and God bless.

Kathy Bo

Baby birds: we got ‘em!

A sweet Phoebe has chosen the Six Little Acres front porch to nestle her babies.

We don’t mind the mud that was slung around during her craftiness. We don’t mind tiptoeing to the door and waiting until feeding is done before we leave. Like all moms, she’s protective and testy with her babes.

There are four, which I should note are actually three and one. Three of them are always on one side of the nest, while the one is on the other. We are not “birders” and in fact, this is the very first season of our lives where we have taken the time to engage the daily ongoings of a mommy bird and her nest. It’s retirement, and I’m a bit sad that participating in this wonder of nature hasn’t been a priority until now.

So here are Larry, Curly, Moe, and because he clearly deserves a brilliant name, Galileo. You may or may not see all four; Galileo is far too occupied with his studies to pose for glamour shots.

Enjoy. We sure are.

Thanks for stopping by. God bless!

Kathy Bo