Harvest time

Ninja Man proclaimed the figs were ready.

This is always a welcome proclamation at Six Little Acres. The fig “bushes” are actually trees at this point, and they are very mature and healthy.

We also have a pear tree or two. The pears are often deer food, so we have yet to gather many. I think ours are Kieffer pears, which are best for preserves. I keep saying next year, next year, but I keep missing out on gathering them. The deer, however, don’t miss a beat.

The blueberry bushes must have been started years ago along with the fig bushes because they too, are huge producers.

Our daughter used to keep up with these things but since she and her family moved it’s up to us.

Here’s how I keep up:

Me: “How about the blueberries? Think they are ready?”

NM: “Probably.” (That’s Ninja Man’s answer for lots of things I ask.)

Too lazy to put on my snake boots, I admit I forgot to follow up with the blueberries in question.

I came home from knit group this afternoon and found he had gone out and picked some of the blueberries AND figs. They are DELISH, y’all!

There is an estimated gazillion more, so as soon as it cools off I’ll go out there in snake boots and pick ALL THE THINGS!

Enjoy the pix, we will be making stuff and freezing the rest. If we are successful, I’ll share that too.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!

Kathy Bo


Today at Six Little Acres


The walking path is going to happen!

We have the estimate and the little orange flags, so it’s official.

In celebration of said walking path, I put on these boots. and headed out. Boots because I’m really not fond of snakes and Six Little Acres is a very happy place for things that go slither.

We don’t have the path – yet – but I found some beautiful places in our walk about today.

Here’s where the path will begin. Those little orange flags on the ground are in the center of what will be the path. Meanwhile, here are some shots around the house. I’m not gonna brave those woods until there’s a 12 foot wide path and an equalizer, so stay tuned for the walking path edition!

The figs are ripening!

And our brave warrior Wren. She is “stable” but we are still praying for a cure. Due to some life changing experimental meds, she’s able to enjoy being a Little. And THAT is so big.

Thanks for stopping by Six Little Acres. God bless.

Kathy Bo

The next project: a walking path

I’m pretty excited to share that we are planning a serene walking path at Six Little Acres.

Here’s a video to give you an idea of what we want to do. We are getting estimates on clearing out. Hopefully it’s affordable! Stay tuned!

Sweet (and some sour!)

Six Little Acres is undergoing such a transformation that it’s hard to keep up sometimes. But that’s pretty much expected when something is being completely rebuilt. 

Yeah, y’all. I said completely. 

In an earlier post I mentioned that we had termites. What I meant was, our doublewide retirement home, you know, the free house that came with the land? Yeah, that one. Anyway, this place was the Cozumel of the termite world. They came from far and wide, gathered, ate, ate, ate and ate some more. 

The only good news about our place being the vacation spot for all the termites is that they had a one way ticket to paradise. Someone (had to have been a hired professional) annihilayted the evil little things in mid celebration. But repair? Nope. Didn’t happen. For reasons unknown to us, dude never had the repair work done. 

So here we come, spent our funbucks on sprucing up the place and became committed to finish the job. What we thought was elbow grease, paint and a few bits of decor. What we got was a place about to fall completely down. 

Did y’all know that tears and a few choice words do not change a thing? It’s true. After I had a termite induced meltdown, I still had to face the reality. We were going to make this our home come rain or shine. 

That was the sour part. 

Ready for some sweet? I know you are! I sure am!

Well, daughter brought the Littles over several times in the last weeks so they could enjoy the figs, muscadines and scuppernongs. Though the majority of visits to “Poppa Bo and Momma Bo’s” house happened when we were here in Savannah, I did get to see it first hand a time or two. 

This. THIS! My grandLittles are loving the fruit at Six Little Acres!  

Daughter knows so much about edible as well as medicinal plants. She is the perfect tour guide for a certain toddler and pre-schooler, showing them how things grow, what they can and cannot eat, how seasons affect the plants and so much more. 
It’s a homeschooling dream, and daughter is seizing every delicious moment. 

Did I mention that all the goodies growing on Six Little Acres are not only thriving, but they are very mature plants? Well, that’s the truth, and we are blessed to have them on out property. 

We are over the moon excited for the “retired” days ahead when the Littles race from fig bush to grape vine, munching their way through the bounty of a west Georgia summer. 

It won’t be long before we are enjoying our grandLittles at Six Little Acres on a regular basis. In no time at all, those termites and all the problems we are dealing with now will be in the past. 

It may be a bit sour now, but sweeter days are coming. I can’t wait!