Fall at Six Little Acres

While there is vibrant color in and around town, we have “some” color here at Six Little Acres.

Ninja Man suggested we go for a walk down our trail in the woods and I was ready! Well, until I thought about what I was wearing. We have a lot of hunters in the area so this became my “don’t shoot!” hat for the day. Yeah, it’s a rain hoodie that snaps off one of my jackets. I figured it would work. Must have because I am still here!

Oh, I also had to put on my snake boots. Hard to see them here, right? RIGHT? Hahahah This is me in my walk-in-the-woods gear accompanied by one of our precious pups named Winston. He is about to be three years old. The sunlight y’all. Oh my goodness. I’m so thankful to have seen this today. And did y’all know fairies live here? They do- and the grandLittles have made a great little fairy village. That one has had a bit too much honeysuckle juice.

We also saw a mushroom that is actually growing THROUGH a leaf. Either that or the leaf fell, was poisoned and fell around the shroom. Either way it was a cool find. Then we had this red one pop up too. Like snakes, I assume all mushrooms are poisonous so I don’t mess with them. Here are some other pix I took along the way. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I was born on Thanksgiving and was also married on Thanksgiving. The 27th and 25th, respectively. 60 years bold is how I like to say it, and married 42 of those 60 years. I was 17, turned 18 two days later.

Here’s my favorite thing:

Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving all.

And thank you for stopping by Six Little Acres.

Kathy Bo

The next project: a walking path

I’m pretty excited to share that we are planning a serene walking path at Six Little Acres.

Here’s a video to give you an idea of what we want to do. We are getting estimates on clearing out. Hopefully it’s affordable! Stay tuned!

Name that tree!

Ok readers, I need your expertise. 

I have trees and cacti here that I need to identify. They are probably common as can be but this sort of thing has never been a priority until now so I’m on the learning curve and you get to drive!

Let’s do the cacti first. 

There are two patches of these things that are planted beneath a tree. It’s odd to me why they would be there and it looks like they should flower at some point. 

Anyway, here’s a pic of one patch:

Now on to the trees. 

Sorry, there are no prizes except for the fame and fortune of being among Those Who Comment. 

I kinda think tree #1 is a magnolia type tree. The leaves resemble one but it’s too small. 

Tree #2: 

#3: maybe that’s just a vine in this tree? What kind of berries? 

Tree #4

And since y’all have hung around to help me, you must be a tree / plant lover- so here’s a few pix of Six Little Acres for you to enjoy. (And you’ll see some pecan trees too!) 

Thanks for helping! I look forward to your comments. God bless. 

Kathy Bo