Six Little Acres gets a new well house!

There are two wells here at Six Little Acres. Each of them have a concrete cap but they also have to have a little house to help protect the pipes in winter.

Here’s one of those charming well houses now. Dreadful.

It’s don’t-even-sneeze-near-it dreadful.

The old man who lived here before us built it maybe 30 years ago. But we’ve been so busy making this place a home that the well houses were way down our list.

Another reason it’s taken so long is that we *ahem* don’t use either well.

We are on county water so there’s no real need, but one day we may get them functioning again.

Either way, that monstrosity had to come down- and down it came in the last storm. Well, the roof did- and we had to replace it because of curious grandLittles. With kids around, we prefer a well to have a house WITH a lock.

Ninja Man got all the supplies and began working on it just two days ago. Here’s the process. Y’all. It’s so ugly. His Saws All helped to take it down.

So much ugly. We do not know what is inside this well house. There was some kind of liquid in gallon milk jugs. I’m saying moonshine (we are out in the country, after all) but Ninja says, “I have no idea and I’m not about to find out!”

Im with Ninja Man on this. After all, there are some things Clorox can’t get off.

Just sayin’.

There was a squirrel living in there, maybe a heavy drinking squirrel- but he’s somewhere else in the yard, gazing at the progress and no doubt planning to move in to his new house.

So Ninja hauled off all that yucky wood and spent the afternoon burning it.

I’m thinking he is enjoying being retired in the country. Demolition one minute, burning the next. By the way, well house #2 has photobombed this action shot. It’s day is coming, for sure!

Even with that old well house gone, it was still ugly. eww.

Thankfully I didn’t have to look at it long. In order to get that thing safe for Littles playing nearby, Ninja had already built the walls, so all he had to do was get them over to the well. this is me holding up that first wall. That’s him bringing wall #2 on the “man trucks”. That’s what we call them in our family, ever since our sweet daughter in law misunderstood “hand trucks”. It still makes us giggle. This is me helping again. The wind was blowing this paper up. It’s the layer before shingles.

We will paint it after it cures- it’s all pressure treated wood so it has to sit for a few months. We will paint it the same color as the house, a French gray. I’ll stencil our Six Little Acres logo on it at some point.

All it needs now are some cosmetics, and a trim on those shingles. I’m rooting for the door to get a wood trim.

While I think we can pretty it up, it is already light years better than before, so I’m a happy girl!

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!

Kathy Bo


It’s that feeling you get as soon as that bar is locked over your lap, just before the roller coaster starts moving. 

You feel it when they put that paper hat on your head just before surgery. 

No turning back, mister. You’re COMMITTED. 

As we were once we sunk a bit of cash into that double wide on Six Little Acres. 

But committed we were and committed we are. THIS, our contractor said, is going to be awesome. 

He really did say that. And I’m so excited now that we are getting the electrical done. Next is sheet rock, painting, flooring and the new kitchen. 

And then we get to move all our stuff in. 

Today we ordered the stove, fridge and all cabinetry for the kitchen. 

Can I just say I have a LOT more fun shopping second hand than new? Well I do. It’s the whole repurposing thing that I love love love! But we had to buy all new cabinets for the kitchen and let me just say I did not enjoy that process. I will love the kitchen, no doubt- but- as Momma used to say,”I’ll bet a dollar to a donut” I’ll find a whole kitchen for sale at a thrift store just minutes after installing these. That white piece is a drawer sample. I’m FINALLY getting a white kitchen! The perk here are the Corian counter tops. I picked out the cheapest one and it looks like sand so that will go well with my industrial chic / vintage nautical decor. 

That flooring sample there? Well, it MAY be the flooring that goes throughout the house. Not sure. Right now we bought enough for the bathrooms, just to see how we like it. We are going cheap on flooring and decide later if it really means so much to us to replace it. 


People. I hope you never have to buy windows. Ever. We are THOUSANDS into the windows (22 of them) and all I can say is they better never, ever let anything pass through that isn’t sweet sunshine and fall color. 

Storms? Lightening? Nope. I’m getting a refund. My house. My windows. My rules. Right? 

Ok, so maybe I won’t get to change out windows when icky weather rears its ugly face BUT I can close the blinds, right? One must take power where one can get it. 

Back to committing. 

Today I bought the hardware for the barn doors that slide.  Ohhhh. THAT was easy. The toughest part is waiting for them to be installed. 

I also bought a new mailbox! It’s white and will perch on a fancy white post. WHO KNEW I was a fancy mailbox post girl? I sure didn’t. 

Here’s the old one. I can’t even. 

Will it hold mail? Yes. Is it about to fall over? If those storms I mentioned earlier decide to drop in, this thing will most certainly fly like the wind. 

So I got this one 

I’m gonna spiffy it up when I get to my Silhouette. Oh yes I am. More on that later. 

So today we sit on the front porch at Six Little Acres, listening to the hammering and drilling that will make way for electrical wires. Next week it’s Sheetrock and paint. After that it’s flooring. 

We are getting there. 

Oh- one more thing- Brother Dave stopped by to see the new place! Sis Barb and her hubby Paul did too. But here’s my handsome bro and yours truly: 

Thanks for stopping by!

Be blessed! 

Kathy Bo 

PS: if you’re curious what’s on my shirt, it’s the Isle of Man TT Race. There really is an Isle of Man. Google it! 🙂