Success! Life begins at Six Little Acres 

Picture a cheerleader, preferably me in 5th grade, shaking gold and black pom-poms that match my pleated cheerleader skirt and vest, yelling, “Tigers! Tigers! Gooooo Tigers!”  

Well, fast forward 45 plus years, take away the pom-poms and -please- take that uniform too (it won’t fit anyway) and that’s me, on the porch at Six Little Acres yelling, “Inspector, inspector! Gooooo inspector!” I mean, REALLY. GO. LEAVE. VAMOOSE. DONT LET THE DOOR HIT YA WHERE THE GOOD… well, y’all get the idea. 

Because we passed inspection! Oh yes we did. 

I’m so happy. And I am officially LIVING HERE. Yep. It’s awesome and amazing and even though most of our stuff is still in storage, we are just as cozy as we can be with paper plates and plastic forks. 

So life begins At Six Little Acres. 

There’s still LOTS to do and share so follow us here and on Facebook. We are excited to see what tomorrow brings. 

God bless,

Kathy Bo 

And it begins. 

It’s Wednesday, April 20,2016. But our renovation story began a few weeks ago. 

I’ve been semi-retired for a few years and my sweet husband John is hoping to have a date for retirement soon. 

Meanwhile, we have been trying to figure out just “how” this plan is going to come together. We have prayed a lot over it. We have considered so many options of where as well as how to live once we retire. 

Our first plan was to buy an RV and live in it as we travel the US. But when we took a 13 day trip (see my RV blog here!) we (ok I) said, “Well THAT was crazy!” And we decided that we would need a launching pad.  

 The “launching pad” could be anything from a warehouse apartment to an old church for sale. As far as settling down was concerned, we were as open as could be.  We didn’t have to consider being close to work or even good schools. 

This was truly a first in our 40 years of marriage. 

Suddenly we could think of just us. Well, sorta. 

We agreed that we wanted to be close to our two kids and their families. The problem with that was they live four hours away from one another. 

It was a few weeks after February 15 of this year that it became clear. We would retire near our hometown, just minutes away from our daughter and her family.  February 15 is the day her 17-month old baby girl was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer.  She has a good prognosis and an awesome medical team, and we have FAITH that God has a better plan for this baby.  

 Since Baby Wren is having treatment and will be monitored for several years we felt it was a no brainer to settle there. Our daughter needs me now and when I drive the four hours to help, I’m blessed to be staying in a garage apartment at my nephew’s home. 

My daughter was the one who found this place and it is perfectly located just on the outskirts of my favorite town. Our realtor got the ball rolling, we made an offer and now we are just five days from closing. 


  There is an elderly man living there now. When we went to see it, it was dark inside, but even in that dim light, we saw that it needs a lot of work. It’s a 1983 double wide (shall we call it “vintage”?) and there are soft places in the floors, a porch on the back rumored to have never been attached to the house, a nice covered porch on the front, two wells and a septic tank that passed inspection just today. 

And there are birds. And old pecan trees. A pear tree, camellias and dogwood trees. And it meets all the requirements of us both. He wanted land in the country, I wanted to be near everything.  This little treasure is just 8 miles from all my favorite stores. 

Besides all these wonderful things to look forward to, daughter is planning a garden! We would love for it to look like THIS: 

 I can’t wait. 

After closing on Monday, I’ll head out to the new place and start clearing out whatever is in the way to see how the “bones” are. 

Best case scenario is that we can live in it after renovation (don’t worry, I’m all about Pinterest!). I’m already planning on using light colors to brighten the place up. Here are some ideas that blogger Elizabeth Phillips shared on her blog! Click Here to see it!

THAT is why I think we can. I’m so encouraged by Elizabeth’s blog and I eagerly await her next post! 

Next scenario is that it may not be suitable for actually living in but with a few walls knocked out and some linoleum thrown down, it will make a dandy studio. I’m an avid crafter- papercrafts, sewing, knitting and crochet- to name a few. I’d have plenty of space to set up a crafting classroom!

Worst case scenario is that it is an awful-no good-termite eaten-rat infested haven of doom and we just have to bulldoze it. 

I’ll have a better idea of that next week. 

Until then, please sign up to get updates. You’ll see the stages as we go- the good and the bad! And I need all the support I can get! And hey, once you sign up for my updates, feel free to laugh at my poor attempt to take on this task. 

Thanks for following! God bless.

Kathy Bo