Floored. Part two!

In my earlier post (here) we hauled our vinyl plank flooring to Six Little Acres. 

A few weeks later, we began to install it. 

Let me just say that this flooring is absolutely what we wanted. It is called Copper Ridge Oak (see it here) and probably the easiest thing about this whole renovation. Thanks to Lumber Liquidators, it is an affordable solution and we saved money buying it there. 

Before we could put down the underlayment for the flooring, I had to scrape the subfloor with this doohickey. That’s sheetrock mud splattered EVERYWHERE. Yeah. Those sheetrock guys flung it like crazy. After I scraped all the floors I had to vacuum. I’m really happy we have a shop vac but that filter. Oh dear. I had to babysit that thing like it was alive. The filter would get full and I had to remove it and take it to a concrete block outside. It was there I could get my sheetrock frustrations out- as I had to beat it against that block to get all the dust out. The sheetrock dust was ridiculous (hence the mask) and I was sick for three whole days after this. But vacuuming was on the agenda, so vacuum I would. 

“Don’t forget to vacuum beside the sink” is  something I have never heard anyone say, but Ninja Man had to remind me because the sink was still on the floor. A little more where the stove will go: And then this happened. My hands are all pruny from being in those gloves. This isn’t the first glove I’ve blown out working on Six Little Acres and it won’t be the last. Back to the flooring: the planks are super easy and lock in kinda like a puzzle. Ninja Man watched several YouTube videos and jumped in to this project. We used a table saw and a saws all to cut when needed. Here’s our progress:And THIS happened. Yeah. It did. We were, on occasion, having to stretch out so we might be able to actually walk outta here. 

Our work is limited to long weekends. We travel about 3 1/2 hours every Friday and knock out as much as we can. It’s daunting- but we keep looking at the big picture. 

Here’s today’s progress- I’m standing in my studio looking through the living room and kitchen. (That Boston Terrier is baby Winston)This is where we will have to stop for the weekend and pick back up next Friday. 

Slow but sure. We have faith that we will finish someday!

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!

Kathy Bo.